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Here’s a video I took aboard a British Airways 747-400 G-CIVX at London Heathrow Airport. You can see parts of us taxiing to the runway as well as the takeoff. I was slightly concerned while we were taxiing as I was seeing some liquid coming out of the wing that I though might have been fuel. (you can really notice at 0:20, 7:10, 0:52 near the wing tip). Please give me your thoughts on this and let me know what it could be! This was taken from seat 34A and this was flight BA49 from London Heathrow Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Also enjoy some of the other traffic around Heathrow including a Lufthansa A321, British Airways A318, A319, A320, Aer Lingus A318, Air Canada 767-300, American Airlines 777-200 and a few others!


  1. Must have had some crosswinds blowing over the left side of the wing, seeing that the ailerons were up during the takeoff roll, and that it looked like the wing was flexing really early in the roll, too. When the plane rotated it practically leaped off the runway. Very neat to watch, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. 11:59 – always the best part 🙂 Thx for posting; nice vid! And so glad BA is keeping the mighty 747-400 in the sky for some more years to come…

  3. look at that BA aircraft, the colors are'nt the same as the other BA aircraft. can somebody tell me why?

  4. Thanks for sharing, I love a 747 video.  Taking off from Heathrow always feels like you're going somewhere, with the queues of aircraft to take off.  The 747 is a beautiful aircraft.

  5. thanks and to Steve. That explains the sound, though I've never heard it myself on 747s. Probably because I wasn't sitting near enough. Mind you it's been a while since I was on one – 1990 (TWA),1992 (Aer Lingus)and 1998 (BA).

  6. Nice video. Not surprised that you were uneasy about that liquid – I think anyone would be. What was that rattle just as the plane lifted off – surely not the wheels coming up so soon, or was it a sound effect from inside the cabin?

  7. Wonderful video, I believe that was fuel coming out. Those nozzles are fuel dump nozzles. Perhaps the aircraft had been fully brimmed and it was just excess coming out due to expansion from heat on the wings?

  8. Really fantastic video! I haven't flown british airways in such a long time, so I hope I get the opportunity again someday. Either way, this video was almost good as b

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