Go in the cockpit of the Boeing 747-400 for a very unique pilot training flight including touch and go, go-around and special maneuvers otherwise never witnessed by non-pilots! Download this great film for just $15 at


  1. I have this video and it is one of my favorite cockpit videos. I feel bad about the demise of Oasis, but they tried to provide business class service to all of their passengers and as long as their are bare bone economy airlines, people will take the cheaper. That's just a fact of life.

  2. On the contrary, you can indeed log simulator takeoffs and landings as long as the simulator is level C or D (for US FAA). Most countries will allow level C or D sims for takeoffs and landings, but a few require level D sims.

  3. awesome…a dream deferred for me having poor eyesight since the age of 12..it is humbling to think how we go to work and have bad days and its not that big a deal but the flight crews of the world airlines cant have a bad day..

  4. @JustPlanes Technically incorrect – it's very unlikely that a touch and go will ever be carried out by a pilot in normal flying operations, go arounds are much more common – a touch and go exists because it counts as both a landing and a takeoff but it's only one manoeuvre, saving a lot of training time.

  5. @Airlineguy427 All airline companies don't have acces to simulators. Scandinavian Airlines for expample does all their training in simulators because Oxford Aviation academy is just a few meters from their hub Stockholm Arlanda.

  6. I would ask him if i could have more thrust on Engine 2, than on 3 &4 to make up for the yaw rather than use trim & rudder inputs.

  7. Holy cow, Chris Humphries, ex BA trainer trainer! 744, and Doug Millerin as "heavy" who's the hostie, Neil Armstrong!?! great vid.

  8. @JustPlanes and during training we do it over, and over, and over again just to get used to the plane because when operating in the pattern, you do pretty much everything you are expected to do in normal flight

  9. @personmakingvideos there is an amazing video off a plane landing (I believe in Berlin,Germany)with heavy crosswind,then you understand why they excersize touch and go

  10. @personmakingvideos touch and go is a normal training exercise. You basically don't want to waste too much time on landing, and take off roll, but rather you practice circuits (flying in a pattern around airports). This way you can practice more landings and take-offs in short time space. Mind you, it is quite costy to do this in 747 🙂

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