Holding Pattern Episode 2: Sitting in United Business First Seat 7K (Rear Facing, Window) on the Boeing 747-400. First time flying on this bird, and sadly one of the last as United has announced plans to accelerate retirement of this aircraft by the end of 2018. This flight takes us from San Francisco to London’s Heathrow on a 10.5 hour journey. It starts off with a slight delay, but the 747 picks up steam and we launch right into United’s famous 4 course Business First dinner (5 courses in Global First). Starting December 1st, Untied will roll out a new service (Polaris). We can’t wait to bring you this product! We opted for the beef option for this flight. This flight was operated by a Legacy (Pre-Merger) United crew. Stay tuned for the return journey on the 767-400ER operated by a Legacy Continental Airlines crew. As a tribute to Untied, we’ve used Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue in the intro titles. Enjoy!


  1. I hope they keep a few intacted and put in a museum so kids could see from 1970 to 2018 what most people flew on while traveling overseas

  2. Nice report but Unfortunately worst airline for domestic travel.

    Infact all North American airlines are scroogy when it comes to complimentry meals.

    No free meals
    and less baggage allowance.

    Im pretty sure a person flying frm JFK TO SFO would rather have a full meal than crappy IFE screen in front of him cause that entertainment is not gonna feed his physical real hunger.

    Gone r those days.

    Had the worst experience ever of my flying journey in North America…..And I fell in love with Air India after travelling UA,AA and AC.

  3. My first flight on a 747 when I was 15 to LGW on BA. I watched the wing flex as we took off and just about shit my pants. 🙂 Always cool to see the outboard engine flex in the turbulence too.

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