The history of Boeing and the design and manufacture of the 747 400 series


  1. when i fly back to uk from usa on these birds i am always last in the door. everybody else has taken their designated seat and i always go to the rear where there always seems to be a few rows of empty seats. nice bed for the trip home. one night a little indian lady came back after take off and tried to move me from the middle of my 5 empty seats so she could lye down and stick her smelly feet in my face for 8 hours. i said. in flight security agent. she scurried back to her seat.

  2. If I won the Powerball Lotto and was looking for something to blow my half-billion on, I would shop the boneyards for a recently-retired 747-400. A rock star could probably snag one with low hours in prime condition for less than $20 million. John Travolta owns a commercial airliner, and he said he couldn't afford to buy a 747. But he seemed to be thinking of the new airplane market, where the Arab oil sheikhs buy theirs. They lay down $300 million for a new one, but in today's market you could get one of these low mileage beauties for less than one-tenth as much. Plus you would save it from being chopped up. I just need that winning ticket, and I am there!

  3. Great series! I think I have the book that goes with this documentary called Airliners Of The World 1992 though maybe this show is a little later so I could be incorrect. Never the less Airbus were planning the A380 in the early 90's, its an amazing plane but I think most people prefer the classic lines and proven track record of the 747's. Hopefully the 747-8 continues in production for many years to come and with luck it will continue to attract and build sales though its looking like many airlines are going for the 2 engine planes such as the 787 and A350. Hopefully the 747-8's will be around for many years-next few decades to come.

  4. The 747 is and always will be the queen of the skies.
    I just hope and pray that british airways purchase some of the 747-8 for civil use.
    I know that they have 747-8`s for cargo use.
    Just a personal oppinion.
    I do not like the a380 call me old fashioned.

  5. The 747 400 only had one crash that we know of flight 006.But The asians cover up thier airplane accadints.Korean air and asiana have hundreds of accadints every year.Like a flap fell off in Incheon korea.Last year.He crashed the plane and they covered it up.So no one but the company nows

  6. wow they discontinued production of the 400 but boeing kept the 47 going for decades more the 747-8 is the most fuel efficient jet 

  7. Boeing needs to Stop going the MccDonnell Douglas way 

    and stop just wanting cash
    I Want Quality 

    Your Company is turning to Crap 

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