Hand flown Approach into Amsterdam Rwy 18R with gusty winds Flaps 25 and Landing weight 332.000 Kg


  1. Terrible movement of the camera. I guess you need to learn to art of focusing and being stable. Try this several times prior publishing this for worldwide attention

  2. I love the 747-8
    The most beautiful commercial jet in the sky.
    So easy to fly, you can fly it, navigate and land having never even flown a Cessna 172 before 🙂
    Of course I am only joking . . . . . . Great videos Captain !

  3. To be fair, I've made some horrible cockpit videos myself. With a small, hand held camera you can't see much on a little screen, and if you also abuse zooming option, you'll get a "space shuttle take off" jumpy video. Nice landing!

  4. The first part of the video was superb. Just the most interesting part was unwatchable due to wild camera movements. Dont know what the cameraholder thought he/she was doing there.

  5. What was the point of this bastardized attempt at cinematology? Great video!??? I got motion sickness following what the incompetent boob "tried" to record. This was the worst in flight video I've ever witnessed.

  6. Another honor grad from the Mr Jiggles School of Videography, in fact I would hand over the top award Severe Parkinson Trembling designation, you should be proud sir.

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