Learn more about how Boeing innovates at The Boeing 747-8 represents innovation on a massive scale. Go behind the scenes to find out how Boeing engineers integrate its incredibly powerful engines so that it flies like a dream.


  1. The 747-8 is a great airplane that is not recieving any orders. Why would an advanced aircraft not receive more orders

  2. When will they make aircraft that actually travel a lot faster? I don't really care about some new colored interior lighting or a bar lounge. Its an airplane, not a nightclub for crying out loud. Flying faster than the speed of sound—that would be something truly impressive!

  3. I love the 747.  The Model 100 had one thing that I wish would return: a spiral staircase.  That was aviation elegance.

  4. Thank you so much.. I love the 747s so much. they are some of the best aircraft in the world. I love flying on the 747s. I have flown the 747-400 many times before with my former company…Nice..

  5. 747-8 is the best airplane hands down,best freighter and nicest to fly personally.
    A380 has very little accommodations when it comes to getting in and out of airports,its just to damn big.
    If it ain't Boeing,I ain't going!

  6. How can you compare the airbus to boeing Boeing has been around for almost 100 years Airbus has ONLY been around for 40 years

  7. Although I'm a Boeing fan, I think they need to do better than this to attract customers. They're no match for the A380! Come on! I know you can do better!

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