After a 17-hour flight, RC523, the 5th 747-8 Freighter test airplane, arrived in Everett, Wash. The longest flight in the certification campaign was also its last as the marathon flight pushed the program over the required number of test hours.


  1. It's a great aircraft and engineering design. This will be the next Air Force One. The plane will have to carry tons of interior, communications, terrorist counter measure equipment for the protection of the President of the United States. A good platform well done.

  2. Well the airbus a380 isnt selling so good so maybe one day we'll see the modernised old queen of the skies rule again. Doubt it but it would be nice to see again. Problem is though now airlines are going for planes like the twin engined 777 or 787 etc or those pieces of junk airbums make. twin engined, same endurance, less fuel burn, lower maintenance costs, more money in airlines back pockets, but they still put ticket prices up…blah blah blah. The days of 4 engined intercontinental airplanes are drawing to an end. Thats just my opinion anyway.

  3. I can't imagine Boeing not building this plane anymore , If I were them I would just keep building and put them in storage , when the old 47s wear out the -8 will be needed again !

  4. "to make sure water doesn't get into the engines"?

    Hell no.

    Thats to test braking/landing on a wet runway, see if water collects in the gear bay.

    Engines would be rated to ingest FAR more water than a wet runway would offer.

    See post-landing details of the Qantas 32 engine shutdown problems for an extreme example.

    I suspect a slack copy here. poor show.

  5. They also have a pretty good idea of what the maximum loads and strains are. When testing they simply go really close to those maximums.

  6. they are test pilot for a reason its there job to test the plane making sure the plane are safe for you and I to fly in and safe when they fly over us. also they pay a lot more then normal pilot and have tons of hours flying different aircraft. you can say they fly planes like you drive a car. and safety come first when they doing tests. they start the basic stuff like just taxing then to the brakes then slowly to flying normally before even any real test begin.

  7. I don't understand what it is you don't get. Yes, it is risky to determine if the simulations are accurate, but someone has to do it and it's not going to be the customers. That's why test pilots get the big bucks and why flight test programs are very carefully planned to explore the unknown a little bit at a time. And, as a matter of fact, I know of a number of people who have been killed in stall testing aircraft.

  8. thing I don't get is isn't it a blatant risk to the test pilots and plane itself to put the aircraft through all these tests in the first place!? What if for example, during a test stall, the plane doesn't come out of it and crashes!?

  9. @Dartagnyn oh!!! even MD suffered such time, no orders for dc-10 and md-80, 748 will receive more than 200 orders for the 8i u just wait and see……………..

  10. looks really elegant, especially with white only body. But unfortunately, no airline in the world would use this as livery.

  11. where did they fly to on this 17hr trip? anyone know? thx much. i live in santa cruz ca
    cant wait till one flys over at 40,000 ft

  12. My son is one of the engineers on trhis project. I wish you could see the gigantic hangar where this mammoth plane is built. It is amazing!

  13. My favorite airplane just got even better, this freighter is awesome… hopefully some military orders are on the way also… outstanding!!!

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