This is a video of the first Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental taking off from Paine Field on March 20, 2011. Check out the landing:

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  1. Due to poor selling of this aircraft the -8, no one knows if Boeing will decide to retire and let this queen of the skies rest. But if ever they'll do it, it's gonna be hard to say goodbye to the queen πŸ™

  2. Yeah what sucks is the loudest still flying is the 744 and when it was new in the early 90's it was the most docile sounding plane compared with 727's, DC-9's, DC-10's and the few remaining 737-200's still in passenger service before those disgusting hush kits were installed. Plane spotting isn't what it used to be with car alarms going off all around you after an overflight. How I miss the P&W JT8's πŸ™

  3. There is too many long haul wide body options to choose from these days. It's starting to look like passenger airlines prefer twins over quads these days. With most having ETOPS clearance the only routes that may have to run by twins are trans South Pacific flights and there aren't many. I personally hate long range twin engine widebodies. They are BORING from a plane spotter's point of view. I really hope the 748 becomes successful.

  4. Both aircraft companies are the best. They build planes that are surely very nice.

    The King of the Skies, the Boeing 747 and its queen, the Airbus A380 (in my opinion) but moreover, all the planes of Boeing and Airbus are the best!!!!!!

  5. Uh, NO the A380 DID NOT come out before the 747. NO, Airbus WAS NOT the first to use composite materials (see BOEING 777), and NO, they were not the first to use fly by wire OR multi-function displays(CRT's? try 757)

    Get your facts straight

  6. omg im really hating these boeing vs airbus shit. last time i checked A380 came out first, airbus has the safest airliners in the world, first to use composite materials, fly by wire, multi function displays, etc. there u go boeing fans

  7. Alas, another group of people, who's only frame of reference is YouTube, childishly arguing about which airplane they like more.

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