The new Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental takes to the sky for its first flight, showing off a longer fuselage, more aerodynamic wing, and more fuel-efficient engines.


  1. As beautiful an aircraft this wondrous machine is, it runs a close second to the Lockheed Super Constellation of the 1950s!

  2. redesign the wing to cruise at .90M with two GE9X engines and then let her loose to compete against the twin engine fleet

  3. I hope more airlines start buying this or the days of the 747 could be numbered. I've flown on the 747-400 but I may have to book a flight on Lufthansa just to fly on this beauty

  4. Composite compressor blades…composite wing extensions. This aircraft deserved updating. The electronic controls light years ahead and less weight. If you doubt the durability of composites…don't…these materials are phenominal under stress,extreme temperatures, and chemical exposure. Aircraft lifespan and lower maintainance costs make this design a great investment for carriers.

  5. Love that design. Like a shark.
    And this paint job… wow! Really suits the shape.
    Maybe the the top floor could have been 15- 20 feet longer.

    The A380 is like an ugly duck.

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