Watch as the Boeing jumbo jet barrels through a huge puddle. The “water spray” test is designed to make sure water is not ingested into the engines.


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  2. Noob question: would it be possible/practical/smart to have a runway set up with a way to flood it with a foot or two of water to assist in crash landings? Would it slow a plane down enough, or too much, or just complicate things?

  3. You should use Ocean Water, it's better for the planet anyway. Boeing, have you seen the water test of the A350 ? you should take exemple on Airbus.

  4. Красивые самолёты у америкосов!!! Но наши всегда опережали их на много лет!!!

  5. Airbus had its A350 move at 70 knots through the runway pool and actual made the water go through the engines to test its strength..

  6. Beautiful video! 747 is such a fantastic plane. It's great seeing this newest generation carrying on the title of Queen of the Skies!

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