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“Versus” is back. Someone came up with the idea to compare the Boeing 747-400 with the B747-8. The classic 747-400 with its characterisitc winglets versus the modern Boeing 747-8 which is still in production.

The Boeing 747-400 entered service in 1988 and a total of 694 airframes have been produced. Northwest Airlines first placed the 747-400 in commercial service in February 9, 1989. The 747-400 was produced in passenger (−400), freighter (−400F), combi (−400M), domestic (−400D), extended range passenger (−400ER) and extended range freighter (−400ERF) versions. The last 747−400, a -400ERF, was delivered in 2009. The 747-400 is the second-most recent version of the Boeing 747 family, having been superseded by the improved Boeing 747-8,

The first Boeing 747-8 was delivered to Lufthansa in 2012. It` s not as successful as its predecessor cause of increased competition of other long haul aircrafts like the B777, A380 and A340. Since 2012 only 110 B747-8 have been delivered.

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  1. Sorry, lost patience skipping to the end. I maybe wrong….but if not:

    All I see is some clips of 747s – when do you get around to what we are all waiting for? The 'versus' part. The explaining of difference?

    Gee – how easy someone thinks it is making a comparison video. Thumb down, unsubscribe !

  2. Both are shit compared to the A380plus……BOEING is shit compared to Airbus full stop. And all you boeing nerds out there spare the comments and grow up.

  3. Great shots!  You must be a professional.  As for voting on this pair or other pairings…sorry; I love them all.

  4. Boeing will build the 747 8 untill 2024 when the current 747 200 Air force are replaced .Then say good bye Queen of the sky.!!!!!

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