In the cockpit of the Air France Boeing 747 for approach and landing at Mexico City. DETAILS


  1. @JustPlanes, a question about US Airways Flight 1549. When the Airbus A320-214 lost thrust in both engines, what would the Captain and First Officer have seen on the instrument panel? What alarms/warnings would have sounded? 09/24/2016

  2. at the end of the video, i know he pushes forward to get more weight to the front landing gear….but WHY does he need to do this if the thrusters are in reverse?

  3. When I would fly when I was younger, I usually asked the pilot if I could look around in the cock pit :)…. of course that was before the days of terrorism 🙁

  4. Hard to comprehend how planes have crashed and people have died because nobody on the crew heard the autopilot disconnect alarm, like at :48 seconds.

  5. I have great respect and admiration for pilots. I love watching these videos about airplanes…how they takeoff and how they land. Imagine if the Wright bros were alive today to see this. They were the pioneers of aviation.

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