Flight in the Cockpit film on the CORSAIR Boeing 747-400 for a roundtrip flight from Paris Orly to Mauritius. For the full program GO TO


  1. Do you know guys what are the green circles on the ND'd if they don't use ETOPS ? is it the 1h fix on every suitable airport ?

  2. As usual, the composer for the music of your preview videos, churns out some fanatastic themes! just worth the watch.

  3. Hey man have you got any clips in F-GTUI's cockpit? That's my favorite aircraft and I can't find any films in it, thanks.

  4. Great video, as usual! Just wondering… Do you usually tip the pilots for letting you record them 'at work' in a cockpit?

  5. I love to watch big airpllanes (from outside) but I prefer flying in smaller ones. (if the seats are comfortable! I'm talking to you 737-800 (ouch)!).

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