This video shows the full start-up, take-off RW09 and manually flown departure from Miami (KMIA/MIA).
Filmed from a KLM Martinair Boeing 747-400ERF.
With about 9 hour to go the flight was heading to Amsterdam.

Recorded with: Sony Handycam, GoPro HERO3 Black.


  1. Thanks so MUCH…for sharing,when I first had a glimpse of the controls,even though there are 2 guys doing there own thing…I'll be honest…OVERWHELMING….What a GREAT MACHINE,,,,,,,THANKS ALOT

  2. waiting for the day they let these planes take off on their own. they can land themselves why not let them take off?

  3. we taxi down the taxi way to the runway for departure out of Omaha to Chicago midway than to Boston Logan international airport

  4. I want to be a pilot when I am older I sent letters to airlines about it and I am joining air cadets this year✈✈✈

  5. Do pilots have to breath the same stale oxygen as the passengers? Due to their important role is it possible that they have better quality air?

  6. What's the little switch the captain/pilot presses occasionally with his left hand, on the yoke? What's he adjusting? Thanks.

  7. It's because the PIC loves to hand fly he follows the FD ? I can't see an AP active, awesome work !

  8. i thought when the captain announces rotation both his hand and the co pilot's hand must be on the lever at the same time.

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