A Boeing 747 of Air Bridge Cargo created a beautiful snowstorm during its departure yesterday at Düsseldorf Airport. Snow is not very common in my area and that` s why I was very happy to see such a beautiful cargo charter during these weather conditions. Like the weather Boeing 747` s are very uncommon at Düsseldorf aswell.

It` s always impressive to watch a Boeing 747 in action but if there are incredible additional effects like this snowstorm it`s even moren inredible. I hope ABC will show up with one of their Jumbo Jets at Düsseldorf again.

Thanks for watching.


  1. Truly majestic!
    May be one day I would also be lucky to fly in the 747. The only 747 out of Bangalore is Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt.

  2. Professional spotter work and video! Amazing and very impressive!
    Gratulation for you!
    The Jumbo forever favorit, never gets old!

  3. I like the size of the engines on the newer 747-8's, they are more proportional to the size of the fuselage compared with the older 747-400's etc. Thumbs up for the video

  4. +Cargospotter
    I'd say something, but I can't scrap the bottom of the "Adjectives' barrel" looking for original ones, after EVERY single one was already used by all these sensible people below, to describe your capture of these precious and rich images, always beautiful, varied & unforgettable. So, I'm saying nothing but 'THANKS'! 😉

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