On November 20, 2013, a Boeing 747 Dreamlifter operated by Atlas Air for Boeing was on approach to runway 19L at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, KS. Several airports with similar runway configurations crowd the area, including two (Jabara and Beech Factory) along the approach path for 19L at McConnell. For reasons not yet determined, the crew landed its mammoth Dreamlifter on the short strip of Jabara airport instead of its intended destination.
Audio Source: Liveatc.net
Edited by Daniel Mori


  1. We're talking to our company regarding performance….and they've just advised me to egress out the window, hop into one of the bug smashers and leave the scene. Just leave…

  2. "Can you make an approach correction"?Lol!….In other words….we're not going to say any more if you can CYA and get the hell outta there.

  3. That's gotta be embarassing. I could understand a new pilot in a small GA aircraft flying VFR landing at the wrong airport, but not a Dreamlifter.

  4. Back when Reagan was Gov of California, his chartered Learjet was en route to KRDD in Redding CA for a rally. The pilot inadvertently landed a few miles NW at Benton 085 – a much shorter runway. It shocked the heck out if the FBO on duty when the Gov walked in… Lol
    They had to put minimum fuel in the tanks and remove the seats, wet bar etc to make takeoff weight. There is a 4' fence just past the end of rwy 33. He cleared it w about 3 or 4 feet max. Of course Reagan had already done his thing and departed long before they had even decided what to do with that jet. No GPS then but still, no excuse.

  5. Just wondering how this happens when the flight director screen clearly shows the approach that you're on… Unless this was completely a visual Landing with no Glide slope reference or navigation data in the system, but that's seems extremely unlikely in this day and age with a large plane… What happened?

  6. Initially, pilot says he is on visual..errr, GPS approach. Apparently, he lied and was on visual cuz I doubt the GPS approach is taking him into airport 6 miles away. Good thing he didn't kill somebody who was trying to land at Beech when a freaking 747 comes barreling in on a straight in not announcing and no tower. Wow…

  7. Only for the news reports, I wound not believe this clip. The conversation between the Aircraft and ATC, sounds amateurish, and not like a couple of professionals. Landing at the wrong airport is not unheard of. Them trying to figure out where they are while on the ground, sounds bizarre. I'm not 100% that this isn't fake.

  8. The runway at Jabara airport, is 1.15 miles long.. not too bad.. I don't know what total takeoff requirements for a 747 are, but, a bit over a mile ain't too bad for an airplane that's almost a mile long itself. lol.
    Sadly, Wichita airport runway is just short of 2 miles long.. so guess they did some amazing breaking action. Only damage to the 747, were heel marks from stomping the breaks into the floor.

  9. wow, no idea where they are, where they landed, if they were clear to land there. time for a career change, making mistakes like that in an aircraft is unacceptable.

  10. Ever hear the jokes about the TL freight truck drivers who couldn't find the hole called their asshole? Sounds similar. Below poverty level wages, questionable sexual orientation, politically leftist and generally useless to humanity.

  11. There are some things you shouldn't say over the radio. Like not being able to find your own airport or frequency or north or south of the destination or that he couldn't read his own handwriting or whether or not the airport had a tower while sitting on the runway.

  12. Keep in mind that airport runways tend to follow the prevailing winds, so it's not unusual for those in the same area to have runways that line up the same.

  13. 6:16 – the ATC spelled the name out saying j a b a r r a. Don't regulations state that they have to use international code:
    juliet, alpha, bravo, alpha, romeo, romeo, alpha?

  14. These guys need foreflight! I give them a pass on this blunder but they ask every question about where they are and such. They should have all this information on easy access and instantly available.

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