The Boeing (BA) 747-eight application has not been the application that Boeing would have hoped it would be and the US jet maker also sees no foreseeable future for the aircraft as a passenger aircraft, acquiring dropped the aircraft in its most up-to-date marketplace forecast for the coming 20 several years.


This sentiment is reflected in the get e-book and the calendar year-to-day cancellations, which so considerably stand at eight. In January, Boeing and Arik Air achieved an agreement to swap two orders for the Boeing 747-8I to an get for two Boeing 787-9 aircraft. The swap did make a lot of feeling considering the fact that there hardly ever seemed to be a prospect of the Boeing 747-8I remaining shipped to the African carrier and even the Boeing 787 get can very easily be earmarked as uncertain. In March, additional cancellations adopted when All Nippon Cargo canceled two orders and 1 out of 4 requested Boeing 747-8I aircraft for defunct Russian Transaero was canceled. At the exact time, an unidentified consumer was included for 1 Boeing 747-8I. At to start with, I assumed the unidentified consumer would be picking up the canceled Transaero airframe but the most up-to-date rumors are that Qatar Amiri Flight will be taking up an aircraft that has presently been constructed and was once destined for Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight.

When compared to the last time I covered the Boeing 747-eight backlog, the number of orders for the passenger variant has gone from forty eight to forty five, reflecting the cancellations for the remaining 4 Transaero jumbos on get and 1 get. Deliveries increased to forty three reflecting two deliveries to Korean Air. This leaves the Boeing 747 application with only two orders in backlog: 1 for Korean Air and 1 for an unidentified consumer. These could incredibly effectively be the last -8I aircraft to be shipped aside from the Presidential aircraft.

For the Boeing 747-8F, there were being no new firm orders and there also were being no deliveries.

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker explained that it had requested two Boeing 747-eight freighters. These aircraft have not been included to Boeing’s get e-book, but in my watch an get would make feeling for the Gulf carrier supplied the carrier’s aspirations. Thus, I have included them to the forthcoming orders and selections bringing the overall to 33, in which the probable for an get from All Nippon Cargo has been taken out and the probable for the Presidential aircraft has been set to two.

So, what we see is that there is a backlog of 17 aircraft and the probability of 32 aircraft to be included.

Creation and White Tails

How couple buyers the Boeing 747-eight has can be found if we filter out the loaded orders:

At manufacturing rates of six aircraft for every calendar year, the backlog of 17 aircraft would be generated in almost three years… were being it not that some of the aircraft have presently been constructed.

The last Boeing 747-8I for Korean Air has presently been constructed, though the unidentified consumer will most likely be taking supply of the aircraft with line number 1495. The last aircraft on firm get for AirBridgeCargo has presently been constructed and, as considerably as I could see, is undergoing traveled get the job done. Two out of fourteen aircraft for UPS have presently been constructed or in remaining assembly. This usually means that out of 17 aircraft remaining to be shipped, only twelve nevertheless require to be assembled.

Searching at the white tails, there has been a bit of setback it appears to be. Beforehand, it was predicted that L/N 1437, which is an obese product, would be shipped to UPS though 1535 would be shipped to Atlas Air. This would go away Boeing with no freighter white tails. UPS, nevertheless, has decided not to consider up L/N 1437 and L/N 1535 is currently unallocated. L/N 1495 is rumored to be taken up by Qatar Amiri Flight, which would go away Boeing with three passenger airline aircraft, two freighters and 1 Boeing Company jet in storage.

Monetary consequences

The Boeing 747-eight application is in a arrive at forward loss place, meaning that no earnings are booked on supply under its application accounting approach. In March 2017, the business predicted $209 million out of $275 million unamortized tooling prices to be recovered with its firm backlog. In Q2 2016, Boeing identified a demand thereby absolutely zeroing out its deferred manufacturing prices. So, the Boeing 747 application has been de-risked considerably. The ‘maximum pain’ of the application currently is the unamortized tooling prices.

The cancellation of the three Transaero jets does not have any major effects on Boeing and deliveries of the Boeing 747-eight.


In July, Boeing canceled the last three aircraft destined for Transaero that were being nevertheless in its get e-book. This cancellation was to be predicted and was the last cancellation to complete the build-off in orders that I marked as really unlikely to ever be rolled out to its consumer. One particular Boeing Company jet has most likely identified a new consumer, but two freighter aircraft that seemed to have identified new buyers are nevertheless unallocated.

I regarded five several years of manufacturing backlog to be providing a application a at ease cushion. The Boeing 747-eight application currently has two several years of manufacturing remaining and probable orders that would guarantee a further five.three several years of manufacturing. So, the probable orders require to materialize for Boeing in get to comfortably proceed manufacturing of the freighter jumbo. A good for Boeing and its jumbo application is that demand for air cargo seemed to have picked up, which gives the jet maker better odds of materializing commitments and land new orders.

The application is most likely to be in minimal-charge manufacturing for several years to appear, so Boeing ought to totally concentration on firming potential customers and reducing prices for the application as significantly as possible.

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