Footage of the last landing of VH-OJA – the first Qantas 747-400 “Longreach” series. QF7474 arrived in Wollongong at 0747am on 8 March 2015 and will become a major tourist attraction at the HARS museum.
More VH-OJA videos:
VH-OJA final landing and tribute video:
VH-OJA’s final landing in Wollongong:
Premium economy trip report – QF21 in VH-OJA:
Flight over antarctica in VH-OJA:
VH-OJA leaving Johannesburg at night:
VH-OJA taking-off from Sydney as QF63:
VH-OJA landing in Sydney as QF64:


  1. Qantas made a right decision to take this beautiful jumbo jet to the museum. 🙂 There is no way to scrap it to California. She's still a beautiful jumbo jet. 🙂

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