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  1. What happened to the stunt man that really did that, he had a helmet on & suit & stood behind a 747 as it was taking off it was on u tube, looks like they took it down, LOL the man goes at least 100ft blown up & away from the Aircraft, LOL . 🙂

  2. I have loved this scene for a long time, but now that I have read Camus' Myth of Sissyphus I think I now I understand why this scene is so brilliant.

  3. This sense really helped me understand why I did something that i did today. It really helped me to understand somethings I want having trouble with dealing with.

  4. impossible in real life. I had a landing 747-400 25-30' over my head and I'd estimate the wind blast was maybe 60-70mph. Nowhere near enough to throw you in the air.

  5. It wasn't jet blast that caused them to fly around. Big planes create a hell of a lot of wake turbulence, that was what caused them to go flying. In real life, it is why the FAA has special rules for flying aircraft through the wake of aircraft classified as Heavy & Super, generally they require 2 minutes of separation. It is worst on landings and takeoffs, due to the high angle of attack.

  6. Well, that is where you are wrong nlSpiller… isn't the engines, it is the air that is being displaced by the fuselage, as well as the vortexes generatede off the wing tips of "heavy" aircraft.

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