A Flight Simulator X (Steam Edition) multiplayer session around San Francisco turns into a landing competition (kinda) on an aircraft carrier off the coast of California. The vast majority of pilots fail miserably while attempting to land except for a suspicious Boeing 747 pilot who is able to land and takeoff from the carrier with ease, but I call BS. An airliner dogfight unfolds shortly afterwards. Thanks for watching! (more below)

► Full FSX Chaos/Trolling Playlist:

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  1. I've been watching all your videos lately and they are so god damn entertaining and funny to watch please keep them coming!

  2. @airforceproud95 just come across your videos tonight. whist im not really into the content you sir are funny as fuck and got yourself another sub just for that! thanks for making me laugh!

  3. If the spent the time to make realistic crashes in a flight simulator it would be the best game in the world's world.

  4. I heard that stealth bombers shape breaks the radar, like a bullet cutting through the air the air, but others dosent by the shape

    bombers=a tip arrow

    planes we know=rocket launcher


    you can see rocket launchers coming at you,
    but tip arrows no cause there are flat as KNIFES

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