Sky deck Due to strong wind, taking taxi and spot in from P3 parking lot
Boeing Boeing 747-409 (LCF) Dreamlifter N 780 BA


  1. maybe some of us cannot appreciate  the physical outlook of unusual plane but they are specifically designed for its purpose. like the amazing Beluga a new breed of cargo ship….

  2. Don' t call me ugly . I am very useful , I carry on stars which are not completily borned yet ,after that I stay alone in the shadow , I ' m not  invited for the slightest glass of champaign . It' s very unfair  , shame on you .

  3. This aircraft carries the Dreamliner fuselage from Japan to the United States. It flies over my house at least twice a week since I live right next to Paine Field where Boeing builds 787, 777, 767, 747 aircraft. It may not be pretty but it is functional.

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