Canon 5dII + Canong 100-400L

Fuel Loss:

This Air Atlanta Boeing 747-200 on it s way from Düsseldorf to Jakarta, Indonesia (around 6200nm !!!) lost some Fuel during depature. It is no Fuel Leak, I think they just overfilled this nice classic 747-200 a little bit.
This is a re-upload. A few month ago I didn t know how to edit videos and the Taxing and detail parts were missing.


  1. Famous aircraft, featured  on Justplanes Air Atlanta "MasKargo" 747-200F roundtrip flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Love the classics!

  2. Yep…looks like fuel from the fuel tank vent.  Mostly due to overfilling of the fuel tanks and the tanks not shutting down at the proper level.  The captain would never use the jettision nozzle valves to dump fuel off unto the ground.  That's only used in flight when coming in to land if  the aircraft is too heavy or in emergencies.

  3. I've flown most of the Boeing line, sadly not the 74. It's clear that the fluid is coming from the fuel vent…same configuration as other Boeings. Aside from the confusion about water spray from engine efflux, what ever happened to civility? Are all youtube viewers maladjusted 14 year olds? You can disagree without insulting.

  4. Ok now you are actually starting to irritate me. No it's "Not my video" but the aircraft that I was doubt that time, day and place is on it as am I. The airport fire department was on the ramp cleaning the fuel spill we had from the FUEL TANK VENT. The fuel you see coming out is what ever was left in it. Is this clear enough, do you get it or should I draw a picture?

  5. So in not too subtle way TeamGForce75, you are telling me, the person who was there on that day and time and in command of the said flight that I have no clue what happens. After 6000 hours in that aircraft, I beg to differ. What I wrote below is exactly what happened.

  6. If it's a civilian aircraft, why is it unmarked?
    If it is military, why is it unmarked? That's like fighting in civilian clothes to hide behind civilians…

  7. It's terrible that this is the state of knowledge about aviation. When jet blast is confused for a fuel dump don't be suprized. Most people can't tell you how anything works. Fucking sheep.

  8. It's actually fuel coming from vent line via the wing tip vent. I was the capt on the flight and had to fill 600kg of paperwork afterwards. Amount lost was probably closer to 200l than not.

  9. That must be loud ass hell from where your standing Cargospotter. Even with the zoom. That's the one thing the video can't give us aviation nuts, the ear bleeding volume! 🙂

  10. Its fuel alright, I'm a mechanic and there's a Wing Fuel Tank Vent Box in the tip of ALL planes. when the fuel gets too full in the tanks it overflows into the vent box and ( obviously) out the vent. The wings flexing probably caused the fuel to shift around! 🙂

  11. It's just fuel venting from the collector box at the end of the wing. It's what it's DESIGNED to do. Any excess of fuel in the tanks (caused by any number of reasons, including heat expansion) runs through the vent system into the box and gets sucked out through a venturi effect, hence when it only starts when the jet starts moving. Every plane will do this at some point.

  12. I am a professional aviation expert , NOT . . . I ain't saying nuttin here , now back to my end of Y-Tube . . how did I get here omg

  13. That's not losing fuel …oh come on the runway was wet and covered with water and the air coming out from the engines waves the water ….not a big deal …and if it was losing fuel the aircraft would be rejected from takeoff

  14. That is a low pressure zone created by the "lift" escaping from under and then swirling in a vortex which then creates like a cloud because of its pressure. You see it allot more on larger jets and it is why aircraft now have winlets which are those things that are curved on the ends of the wings. They prevent this from happening and intern increase efficiency. Not trying to be a smart ass but just letting you know.

  15. No, that is not fuel, but the jet thrust blowing the water on the runway. Like when you go through a car wash and those automated blowers blow the water off your car.

  16. Yep…thats fuel!! There is a vent near the tips of the wings, in this case the left wing, and its leaking pretty good just as it takes off and during take off. I am an ARFF firefighter and we do "fuel clean ups" at least once a week.

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