The Queen of the Skies, an Boeing 747, takes you from Frankfurt, Germany all the way to the dream city of Los Angeles in California!
Enjoy the flight in finest Hight Definision!

All credits go to Pilotseye


  1. Are you for real? there's all kinds of video's on You Tube and you have to make a nasty comment! Well it real easy to do that when don't have a life… Your the real LOSER…

  2. I checked out there Youtube channel and there website. It looks like there dvd's are awesome. Reminds me of Just Planes videos. Thanks.

  3. Pilotseye is a company that is specialized on filiming every last bit of operating an aircraft. They mainly film major airlines like Lufthansa, Swiss, austrian, air canada etc…. It stretches from the briefing, to checklists, take-off, cruise(explain a lot), landing,to everyday live as a pilot and what they do while they are at their destination. afterwards they head back home. very infomative and interesting! You should go check them out on ther website and on youtube! you wont regret it 😛

  4. There should not be a difference at all between the atlantic and the pacific ocean. Airline dispatchers request and flights are assigned altitudes by Air Traffic Control, mostly over 35000 feet to allow best cruise performance! Also, the aircraft will be assigned a certain altitude in case of total engine loss, so you will be able to glide to the nearest possible airport.

  5. if u could pl tell….what's the normal flying altitude when flying over Atlantic as well as Pacific Ocean….is it the same or diff…thanks

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