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It` s time for another “versus” video. This time I would like to know if you prefere the classic 747`s or the modern 747`s. I didn` t know what to do with the B747-400 cause somehow it`s in the middle. That` s why I only compared the Boeing 747-8 with the Boeing 747-200. Most of you know the difference between a B742 and a B748 but I decided to add a “Classic” or “new gen” sign for those who can’ t keep apart the B742 and B748 🙂

The first Boeing 747-200 entered service in February 1971. A total of 393 of the 747-200 versions had been built when production ended in 1991

The Boeing 747-8 entered service in 2011. Until today a total of 120 of the 747-8 versions had been built and of course it is still in production.

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ek aur “banaam” veediyo ke lie it` samay hai. is baar main chaahate hain, to aap klaasik 747`s ya aadhunik 747`s praifairai ko pata hai. main tee pata hai ke saath kisee bhee tarah bee747-400 kaaran beech mein yah `kya karana didn`। that` kaaran hai ki main keval boing 747-200 ke saath boing 747-8 tulana mein. aap mein se adhikaansh ek b742 aur ek b748 ke beech antar pata hai, lekin main jo kar sakate hain tee b742 aur b748 alag rakhane ke lie ek “klaasik” ya “naee peedhee” hastaakshar jodane ka nirnay liya

Il est temps pour un autre «contre» la vidéo. Cette fois, je voudrais savoir si vous préférez les 747 classiques ou les 747 modernes. Je ne savais pas quoi faire avec la cause B747-400 en quelque sorte, c’est au milieu. C’est pourquoi je n’ai comparé le Boeing 747-8 qu’avec le Boeing 747-200. La plupart d’entre vous connaissent la différence entre un B742 et un B748, mais j’ai décidé d’ajouter un signe «classique» ou «nouveau gén» pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas garder à part les B742 et B748

Es hora de otro video “versus”. Esta vez me gustaría saber si prefiere el 747 clásico o el 747 moderno. No sabía qué hacer con la B747-400 causa de alguna manera que `s en el medio. Es por eso que sólo comparé el Boeing 747-8 con el Boeing 747-200. La mayoría de ustedes saben la diferencia entre un B742 y un B748, pero decidí añadir un signo “Classic” o “new gen” para aquellos que no pueden mantener aparte el B742 y el B748

Время для сек Оно деталь A. `другое видео” против “. На этот раз я хотел бы знать, если вы предпочитаете классические 747`s или современные 747`s. Я didn` знаю, что делать с B747-400 причиной как-то `s в середине. That` почему я только сравнил Boeing 747-8 с Boeing 747-200. Большинство из вас знает разницу между B742 и B748, но я решил добавить “Classic” или “нового поколения” знак для тех, кто может ‘т держать врозь B742 и B748

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  1. Obviously, the A380 is bigger, quieter, powerful, whatever you want, but – for me – the 747 has a design that makes it unique, more elegant with its narrowed front and its highest windshield that gives its look of a aerodynamic God from the skies.

  2. All generations to me still look the most iconic, memorable, and reliable long distance passenger and commercial aircraft ever produced. I guess if I had to choose, I would say the newer generation, but for all the updated technology built into them, than any surface appearance.

  3. Old 747 is best for plane spotting because it uses older but much louder engines and that sounds cool when you are standing at the end of a runway watching it take off. But then, visually the new 747's look cool because of things like wingtips and better paint jobs 🙂

  4. The next gen is a wonderful example of progress. I was a flight engineer and have a soft spot for the 3 person cockpit, but love what Boeing did with taking a Dreamliner type wing and engines and putting it on a proven airframe. Seems to be selling for cargo carriers!

  5. Nice compilation. Always liked the 747. Something majestic about them.

    Unlike the A380!

    Thanks for posting.

  6. Nah, only 2 747s was ordered last year. They're time has past. Enter 777, bread and butter for future of Boeing.

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