Building paper model of Boeing 747 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


  1. At the begging I'm like bro wtf but at the end I was like OMFG.. That model is tough I damned done jizzed myself at how tough that model is

  2. hello friend i also make 3d models of vehicle in this passed summer holidays i have made a rc helicopter and rc 737 model, model of bugatti veyron,audi a7 mack truck and now iam going to make british airways 747 model and singapore airlines airbus a380

  3. really good…..i too make 3d paper models… but mine are not made from computer generated patterns. i make them by taking numerous measurements from line diagrams at every angles…check out my channel i will be putting them up soon. till now i have completed f22, f14, su 27, su 47, tu 22m3, il 76, an 224, tu 144, tu 95, mig 25, mig 23 and ural 43206 truck….thanx

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  5. @hello2plane Stacking a lot of pieces of paper together and gluing them all together to create a hard/cardboard-like substances.

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