With the final Cathay Pacific 747 passenger aircraft removed from operating service, all that remains of the Queen of the Skies at Cathay Pacific is their freight line. This video exhibits a Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 pushback and takeoff from Melbourne Airport!

Cathay Pacific currently operate 14 747-8F aircraft, one of which being represented in this video. They also operate 7 Boeing 747-400F aircraft.

We hope you enjoy this 747-8F pushback and startup video!

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Manufacturer: Airbus/Boeing
Aircraft Registration: B-LJF
Type: 747-867F
C/N: 139243/1447
Delivery Date: December, 2011
Engines: 4x GEnx




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  1. Amazing video once again! I once saw that EXACT same plane far from where I was standing. Wish I could have a closer look. Fantastic camera views!

  2. Good to see the pushback included. We don´t see oushbacks very often here at Graz, the last one was last year with a 747F.

  3. that's really great footage mate u guys always show us beautiful aircraft's she's a beauty…. thanks guys……

  4. That was a splendid video of the Cathay B747, high grade work once again and always a pleasure to watch, enjoyed the push back sequence and the spot you shot the departure from. Shame they don't have anymore B747 passenger services.
    Cheers TK

  5. It'll be a sad day when no passenger 747s are removed from service. It is the iconic, majestic beauty of the skies.

  6. Great capture today! how do you find out about all the inaugral flights and when they are landing in Melbourne?

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