An Air North Hawker Siddeley 748 takes off, followed by a Boeing 747 – conversations between the pilot and tower can be heard. This was the first 747 in Whitehorse since two Korean Air 747s were forced to land here on 9/11, and as you’ll hear at the end of this video, it blew concrete right off the runway.


  1. Watch this video time and time again. Never get bored of it. Especially atc chatter. Wish you would do more of Air North at CYXX. Cheers

  2. Jesus Christ, all the dust that behemoth kicked up when power was set! No kidding if he was NCA159 HEAVY!

  3. That was a 747-8F or 747-800 Freight … with new powerful engines from GE… it's an amazing airplane and as it happened in YXY if the runway is too narrow it will blow so much dust and even pavement/concrete from it… hopefully the damage it wasn't that bad..

  4. Not a boring video at all when you have a beautiful airliner, incredible scenery, and great dialogue between the NCA 747 and the tower. I enjoyed it since I live in busy So. Calif.. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This really is a fascinating video, because we get to hear the conversations with the pilot and air traffic controller in a somewhat unusual situation. Did not expect the effect of the exhaust from the engines at the end, but it only makes sense, the runway is probably narrow and this large a heavy airplane is probably very unusual here. Why was it there? Making a delivery or pickup of cargo? Or was there some emergency necessitating it landing there?

  6. Love your video… (and it is not, as you say boring!! ) What a sight… I was there when the Korean jumbos took off, though I must say they seemed bigger… and they took up a lot more runway… wish I had had a video camera then… 

  7. I was the loadmaster for this exact flight on this date at ORD. It went to JFK afterwards and then this happened. Wow. No idea video of it existed.

  8. Wow, fun video.  747-8F…no winglets and those GE-90 engines!  Newest 747.  Was there significant enough damage to the runway for the airport to bill NCA? 

  9. Thank You for sharing this. I am from Chicago so while the plane is something we see all the time, but those mountains and that scenery is EPIC.

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