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This time you told me to compare the Boeing 747 with the Antonov An-124. I decided to take only aircrafts of the Boeing 747-400Freighter, so we have a freighter only “battle”. These videos are a little annoying because I have to dig through my entire video collection to pick these short clips but I like to do this for you guys 😉

The Boeing 747-400 had its first flight in 1993 and 694 airframes have been built until 2009 (pax and freight versions). The Antonov An-124 had its first flight in 1982 and it was built in the Ukraine, (not russia ). Antonov is a company frum Ukraine 😉 In January 2014 there were 24 Antonov An-124 in commercial service.

You can order an Antonov An-124 for just 90 Million $ while you have to pay approx. 230 Million$ for a new B747-400 (B747-8F).

Featured planes in this video:
1.) Emirates Sky Cargo B744 – Düsseldorf
2.) Antonov Design Bureau AN-124 – Brize Norton
3.) Kalitta (DHL Hybrid) B744 – Amsterdam
4.) ADB AN124 – Düsseldorf
5.) UPS B744 – Cologne
6.) ADB AN124 – Düsseldorf
7.) Emirates Sky Cargo B744 – Düsseldorf
8.) National B744 – Liege
9.) Polet Flight An-124 – Düsseldorf
10.) TNT B747-400 – Düsseldorf
11.) Volga Dnepr AN-124 – Cologne
12.) Maximus Air Cargo An-124 – Liege
13.) Centurion Air Cargo B744 – Amsterdam
14.) Russian Air Force An-124 – Liege
15.) Cargolux B744F – Maastricht

Thanks for watching, I hope you liked it and please don` t forget to tell me which of these two you liked most.
AN-124 or B744F


  1. the 747 program was actually initially designed for cargo use hence the cockpit placement above the nose allowing the nose to open for large loads

  2. Duas aeronaves que merecem respeito e cada uma com sua peculiaridade, mas a boeing ainda leva vantagem. Mas o Antonov parece ser mais robusto e bonito, embora a Boeing 747 seja mais superior.

  3. The 747 probably costs about 1/4 per hour to operate compared to the AN-124.

    The AN-124 is not pressurized on its main deck…..

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