Silent film owned by British Pathe’. For educational and non commercial purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. RARE footage of “The Great Pumpkin” at DFW! 727s too! Be sure to check my channel for the best in VINTAGE & RARE airliner videos!

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  1. N601BN was the 100th 747 produced and was delivered to Braniff in Jan 1971. For years it flew DFW to Honolulu seven days a week. After a few years it earned the title "Highest time 747 in the world". In 1979 I was in Hawaii and decided to extend my stay. But with UAL on strike it was hard to get flights out. By chance I got a ticket on Braniff and at the airport discovered that the plane was "old orange bird' I wonder in the end, what was the total time and number of cycles on this plane.

  2. Last Braniff plane flying, when they gave the order to cease operations. Directed to return to DFW, the Pilot of big Orange reported, he had a good airplane, good weather, and a load of passengers who have paid for a trip to Hawaii." What are they going to do, Fire Me?" and continued westbound.

  3. love the classic vintage airliner from Pan Am,BOAC,Braniff,TWA,Eastern airlines,weatern ,PSA,TransAmerica,Flying Tigers and the list goes on,heck I even collect the 1:500 herpa wings airliners with an airport.

  4. That is DFW and I worked out of it as a Flight Attendant . Sure do miss it and thank the Gods that be for working on those planes

  5. I'm so glad you like that Gordon…that PAA Stratocruiser video you sent me has been a huge hit.

  6. Absolutely…it was also available in a mailer box under Aurora's "Young Modelers" program, and in addition, Airfix did a 1/144 "Big Orange" too..

  7. You say this is Dallas Love Field. I'm pretty sure it is DFW Airpor, not Love Field. The date in the subject also refers to 1977. Braniff and almost all other carriers except Southwest moved from Love Field (DAL) to DFW airport when it opened in 1974. If it was Love Field there would be more buildings and hangars etc. visible in the distance.

  8. THANK YOU macdonnell220 for The Flying Colors Of Braniff.
    The first casualty of Airline Deregulation.
    Their downfall?
    Their direct competitor America Airlines also based in Dallas, Texas.
    Under IATA laws airline tickets were interchangeable according to fare structure, then the respective carrier who issue the ticket would pay the over according who transported the passenger. American horde Braniff tickets, presented them all at once & demanded full payment, they brought Braniff down.

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