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1080p HD!

On-board British Airways’ shortest Boeing 747 route! The daily Heathrow – Moscow return flight, BA233 & BA232! This was filmed on-board flight 233 on January 18th 2014.
This was my first flight on a 747 in nearly 7 years and my first time on a British Airways 747. Have to say I was quite pleased with them. For fairly old aircraft they were very clean, tidy and (much to my disappointment) they were actually really quite quiet! Only complaint is the scratched windows, I did try to avoid filming in the worse part, but it was quite difficult. The flight wasn’t full, with plenty of empty seats, however on weekdays I’m told the flight is full as London – Moscow is a major business route. However what with it only being a 3 hour 30mins flight and quite a few empty seats made for a very rapid take off for a 747! Just over 20 seconds to get the jumbo off the ground, was very impressive and felt very powerful! A rather wet & grey Heathrow soon replaced by clear skies and snowy scenery over northern Europe! A fantastic approach into Domodedovo gave us quite a good look over a very chilly Moscow where the temperature was -17 during our arrival! A very firm touch down on RWY32R and no reverse thrust used. (with engines 1 & 4 over hanging the ice & snow to the edge of the runway, the use of reverse thrust can be dangerous and can throw large chunks of ice around which can damage the aircraft)

A very long video because I couldn’t decide what bits not to include, so I just included them all. Some absolutely beautiful scenery, particularly during approach! Heres a time order of the best bits to make it easier! 🙂


1:01 – Boarding
3:40 – Push Back & Engine Start
8:37 – Taxi to RWY09R
12:05 – Line up & Rolling Take Off RWY09R
18:55 – Great sun light shining on the wing as we turn!
25:15 – Brunch meal
(Cruising 39,000ft)
32:32 – Captain announcement
34:50 – Start of Descent
38:30 – Incredible views as Moscow comes into sight
41:24 – Great views of the city
42:01 – Incredible view of Ostankino Tower (tallest building in the world between 1967 & 1976)
45:09 – Passing Domodedovo airport
46:30 – Stunning snowy scenery as we turn all the way around into DME!
49:10 – Approach
52:10 – Landing RWY32R
56:50 – Following the “follow me” truck down the extremely Icy taxiway!
58:40 – Arrival at Stand (Next to Jet Airways A330)
59:22 – Disembarkation

Aircraft: Boeing 747-436
Seat: 34K
Engine Type: Rolls Royce RB211’s
Departure Time: 08:40 (On time)
Departure Runway: RWY09R
Arrival Runway: RWY32R
Flight Duration: 3 hours 30mins (25 mins early approx.)
Cruising Alt: 39,000ft (FL390)
Route: LHR-DME

*As always by Full Flight I mean the videos includes EVERY part of the flight from Boarding until Disembarkation! Not literally a 4 hour video of nothing. If you want that, you’re at the wrong channel.

Great weekend in Moscow, the following day the temperature fell to -29! Which was near impossible to do anything in, but a brilliant experience none the less!
Check out the return flight video onboard another 747, with great night views over London!




  1. is it forbidden to film staff? Never have I seen 1 flight or review showing the stewardesses or the purser. May be a glimpse and a pervert filmed a stewardess bending over but that's it!

  2. Too fast landing! it sounds like if plane has wood tires or track was bumpy, flaps were too little degree for land in my opinion.

  3. Very nice production. Was this your 1st flight into Moscow? Of the 3 major airports in Moscow I prefer SVO. Hope you enjoyed your holiday ??

  4. Really cool Vid. Thanks for sharing. I guess in DME you arrived at Gate 11, if so, then I too that Gate when departed from DME to SGN many years ago. DME was nice to visit in past time.

  5. Nice to see they paved the runway.Puitins Contracting Company got the contract. When it was a grass field Putins Lawn cutting Company mowed it using sheep from Uncle Putins meat and natural condoms Company.

  6. I was right about to write : How can you lie all these people telling them a flight from London to Moscow is 1 hour long, when I read the description. 

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