A British Airways Boeing 747-436 ( G-BNLG ) takes off from Gander International Airport ( CYQX ) to London Heathrow ( EGLL ). This aircraft which diverted earlier in the morning for a medical emergency was originally en-route to London Heathrow ( EGLL ) from McCarran International Airport ( KLAS ).


  1. Superb in every way: beautiful photography, beautiful scenery, amazing sound, fabulous take-off and, of course, the splendour of the incomparable Queen of the Skies, our very own 747! Thanks for uplifting us!

  2. There's only one thing cooler than a Lockheed L1011 turbofan, triple spool, 3 engine RB211 growl…a 747 with FOUR of them. Awesome. Thanks for posting.

  3. I was wondering if I could use this video for a BA 747 tribute that i am making (I will declare that you 100% made this BA 747 video and was not made by me). 

  4. May Gander be blessed now and for all times! Not an emergency but, back in the day, landed as our GF 340 to JFK from BAH (yes, long before EK and other johny-come-latelys, GF was non-stopping to the Americas!) had to halt since fog closed NY down. Felt like a snowy, tranquil paradise as we approached, sat on the tarmac, and then lifted off. So v. peaceful. Indeed how Ganderians saw their finest hour on that horrible Sep. Tues. morn. when the world descended unannounced on them.  LH christened an acft. in honour of this town, its thoroughly decent folk and the airport for all they rendered without fuss or complaint. A lesson to all of us everywhere.  

  5. Awesome video!  A lot of people don't know how important Gander is for so many airlines-both as an alternate, and for getting trans-oceanic clearance.

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