. From that concert, they travel around the world in a Boeing 747-400 Jumbo piloted by the vocalist Bruce Dickinson.

In the past the group has already flown around the world in its own plane, piloted in addition by Dickinson, but this time the jump is the chosen model, because the Boeing 747-400 Jumbo is a real aerial dinosaur. In fact, the vocalist has had to obtain a special license to be able to exercise like pilot in this occasion.

Undoubtedly excited about his new 'toy', called Ed Force One (pun to his pet Ed and the plane of US President Air Force One), Iron Maiden share a new video of a minute and a half in which the own Dickinson talks about the kindness of the aircraft.

Conveniently modified to have 20 business seats and 54 tourist seats, the plane is used by Iron Maiden for the transport of band, technicians, family and all the necessary material for the assembly of its stage.

In this new video we see images of the group taking off from Vancouver (Canada) to fly to Everett (Washington). "It's a beautiful airplane, this machine allows us to make a European itinerary with intercontinental bases, it's our time machine, our magic carpet," explains Dickinson.

This new Ed Force One will take the band, its staff and its more than 12 tons of equipment worldwide, covering 88,500 kilometers. In this new tour, Iron Maiden will visit Australia, Asia, America, Africa and Europe (with four concerts in Spain in July) throughout 2016.

The Boeing 747 is back in the air without incident after the accident that took place during a refueling at the airport of Santiago de Chile, where there was no need to complain about personal injuries, albeit a lot of unexpected monetary expenses.

The group clarified at the start of the tour, yes, that after their recital on June 17 at Ullvei Stadium in Gothenburg (Sweden) will return to their traditional methods of trucks and touring buses, since "it makes a lot more sense considering That the distances are smaller. "

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