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The Cameroon and the bad luck of the planes: An unfinished epic of Cameroon Airlines in the early times of the Camair-Co Assessment of assessments and funny stories of a curse coming from the Initially President of the Republic

A query to be posed of entry. Why is Cameroon not owning any aircraft on all the airlines that transport air? The will cause of these a marasmus really should be sought in other places than in Fotso. At the commencing of the 80s, a weekly scene was observed at the airports of Paris, Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly, as the situation could be. At that time, all the Cameroonians settled in France experienced the precise plan of the flights of the Cameroonian airline.

Students, unemployed, retired, everybody achieved at the airport. To do what ? The band of mowed brothers arrived with the hope of slipping back again on an aged acquaintance that experienced remained in the country, and who experienced definitely improved their CFA, although at that time the African francs ended up however buying and selling in the wickets in Paris. The other folks arrived to just take possession of their packets of tropical food items, their ration of tropical match meat, their reserve of ndole or some cucumbers or buffered rice …

To the crowd was also combined a number of onlookers of a specific kind. Those people who arrived, like everybody else, to see the Combi land. And to have the pleasure of a number of lovely minutes to chip in the eyes of the entire world, the chest bulging, effortless congratulation: “Say, we are robust. How is it likely to the country? … “. At the time of the Boeing 747-Combi of Cameroon Airlines, baptized fortuitously “Mount Cameroon”, named right after the tank of the Gods, the Cameroonians ended up also gods: they experienced their jumbo. On arrival, the 747 experienced become the “eleventh Province” of Cameroon … There ended up 10 on the map, and there was just one final in the air. A legend created in 10 decades …

The legend will swell to the confines of the entire world, that of a small organization that tutoyed the greatest. The Boeing 747 was at the time the largest aircraft in the entire world in advance of it was outscored by air giants like Airbus 380. Cameroonians experienced just one, so they ended up not small, of training course . For the order of the Boeing 747-Combi, Augustin Frederic Kodock experienced discovered in the Finacial Instances that the US greenback experienced just experienced a discount on the forex industry / Cameroon experienced acquired a small billion … And it was the do the job of a ” Ahmadou Ahidjo, the illustrious predecessor who “patiently and obstinately created the economy of his country”, as he was delighted to say, versus the wishes of the French colonist and all the allies who believed as they did

The Camair of Ahmadou Ahidjo, right after only 10 decades of existence, counted in fleet and in all assets, in addition to its legendary Combi-747, 3 Boeing 737. It also counted in addition a Boeing 727, “La Sanaga” , Inherited from the presidential fleet, and a whole fleet of small aircraft of the Fokker and HS variety. A fantastic adventure in small. All these planes experienced been acquired hard cash, ruby ​​on nail. With some very good details marked through transactions.

For the order of the Boeing 747, the procedure experienced been entrusted to a specified Frédéric Augustin Kodock. At the time of signing the final files and even though waiting in the salons of the aircraft producer with his delegation, he swiftly browses the fresh new variety of the Money Instances which was lying on the table. And in this article, astonished: the price tag of the US greenback experienced just plummeted, the aircraft producer will have to minimize the amount of the invoice. In the end, Cameroon will notice personal savings on the original invoice geared up in Seattle. Cameroon experienced acquired a small billion.

Underneath Paul Biya on the other hand, the order of a one small plane was at the origin of all the torments. The mere preservation of the aircraft left by Ahidjo did not follow. It is as if an unnameable curse experienced taken hold of all brains and prevented them from operating usually. Just one of the 3 Boeing 737s left by the illustrious predecessor crashed in 1995, with a awesome pack of dead to the key.

The households of the disappeared have been entitled to a small nest egg for the funeral, but the whole sequence has been only marasms and impasses. The official insurance provider of the plane, a specified Chanas & Privat, the data will be discovered in wide daylight by Issa Tchiroma, the Cameroonian minister of conversation dwell at the head, experienced assured no just one. Neither the stewardesses, nor the flight experts, nor even the plane itself.

Final result of races, however right now, we however have not compensated the victims of the crash, and most importantly, the plane has not been replaced. But through this time, the actors of this historic crash carry on to obtain the dollars paid by the South Africans. The small data cross-referenced to the approved resources indicates a substantial amount of 30 billion francs returned to the Cameroonian shareholder right after this incident.

The dollars concluded in which we know. The other two Boeing 737 ended up bought for 3 mouthfuls of bread to the exact same South Africans by a specified Cyrille Etoundi. For a lot less than 2.four billion both equipment. The procedure would not have been scandalous if the airline boss experienced not taken another Boeing 737 of the exact same variety, definitely more mature, for four.five billion francs in the yr. The new rental plane in query belonged to the Fotso group …

With the runway exit of the Combi in 2000, Cameroon concluded in the guide of the nations no more time owning any plane in assets. He experienced just one, the Presidential Pelican, who arrived at the end of the cycle in the exact same time period. He will end at the end of a keep track of at the previous Douala airport, in which he has concluded boning and whose wreck is rusting quietly under the wet, warm and humid weather of Douala.

The Dja, or the countless smuggling

It is Cyril Etoundi who, the initial, will take the selection to invest in a Boeing 767 to swap the Boeing 747 which his group and himself required to get rid of. It was the aircraft he ordered that was sent to Cameroon, but right after a thousand contortions. At the time of inserting the order, the aircraft producer necessitates a deposit of 750 thousand dollars. This deposit need to be adopted by a deposit a number of months afterwards that the DG of the Camair will not release. As a end result, the 750 thousand dollars have absent to the entice and the plane, meanwhile, has been bought to another buyer with whom Cameroon will ultimately renegotiate the plane.

Initially leased in advance of the state discovered, by Essimi Menye, the sufficient resource to invest in the plane. He will have to locate $ 34 billion. We will locate them in extremis, even though the plane was officially seized for deficiency of unpaid rents. The irony of the story is that the initial clash involving Ahidjo and Biya left close to a disagreement around the Pelican.

Ahidjo would have cursed Cameroon

It is then essential to re-examine the latest record of Cameroon to comprehend that the curse that Cameroon is aware of with the planes goes back again farther. In the early eighties, in the order of the new Republic that Ahidjo required to impose on Cameroon with a Head of Point out under the orders of the President of the Social gathering (Unc), the illustrious predecessor required to post his successor to All its whims. In accordance to indiscretions, the truth that the presidential plane is forbidden to him for his individual requires, the previous president will resolve to borrow an airliner, the Combi, with gals, small children and baggage, his bodyguards will disarmed to Orly. It is definitely from this incident that arrives the misfortunes of Cameroon.


                 Ahidjo, who experienced acquired a dozen planes, is denied the use of just one of these. He secretly swears that Biya will never ever invest in just one. Nonetheless he experimented with. The BBJ2 gave increase to the scandal we are going through with a whole government in jail. The next, the Albatross, was already much too aged and instead approximately rushed the President and his spouse and children to the pipe split. The superstitious will have grain to grind.

In order to invest in a status as a dashing state, Cameroon fell on Chinese planes that feed instead the lengthy chronicles of embezzlement of public funds. While waiting for the exact same planes open vast the doors of Kondengui. Whenever Paul Biya&#39s government mingles with planes, it has as a curse that will take management of functions.

This is also partly thanks to other considerations. Now, the new organization Camair-Co, which is however battling to just take flight, is already lagging $ 30 billion. Camair experienced attained these a stage of indebtedness at the end of thirty decades. The groups to Fotso required to help them recapitalize the organization, the government authorities refused. We most well-liked to shut the organization. Observers believe that it was carried out on purpose. The Cameroon Airlines was a little bit much too a great deal like the impression of Ahmadou Ahidjo to Paul Biya. It was essential to enable the organization die and to erase definitively the accursed impression of the indefatigable builder of the country …

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