We are delighted to be the first Asia Pacific airline to take delivery of the Boeing 747-8 Freighters, with the first arriving in Hong Kong on 1 November 2011.
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  1. When I was on the Boeing Factory tour in Everett, WA a few years ago, I saw the Cathay Pacific Logo going on a 747-8i and I was OVERLY excited, until I found out it was for a FREIGHTER not commercial aircraft!

  2. This company will just tell lies. All to easy to make a big profit when you tell the customer one thing and then just goback on it some month later. They cost me 5 London Hong Kong returns. I even when to the head office and all the did was laugh.

  3. 波音董事會正式批准生產波音777系列全新機種,波音為了得到客戶的更多意見,展開了「Working Together」計劃,首次會議於1990年召開,參與者有聯合航空、西北航空、美國航空、國泰航空、日本航空與澳洲航空,協作波音確定新飛機性能。起初Working Together團隊工作並不是很順利,工程師發現要整合多家公司意見並不是一件易事,國泰航空堅持機身橫切面必需等同於747的寬度,在三級艙佈置下能容納325名乘客;聯合航空認為新飛機應有「線傳飛控」技術。不過波音公司花了相當大的心力,合作結果令人滿意,總共有1,500項設計是由團隊作最後定案。省油的777-300ER計劃是由航空提出開發的,波音777-300ER曾在太平洋上進行ETOPS的飛行測試,最長的一次單發動機飛行達6小時29分鐘。

  4. 國泰是不會訂購747-8i客機的了。因為沒有777X好,2013年11月Emirates 一口氣訂了150架777X是世界有史以來最大一筆民航機訂單。150架777-9X總值近560億美元.  另外國泰90年代就參加了波音777的開發,給出用家的意見:波音董事會正式批准生產波音777系列全新機種,波音為了得到客戶的更多意見,展開了「Working Together」計劃,首次會議於1990年召開,參與者有聯合航空、西北航空、美國航空、國泰航空、日本航空與澳洲航空,協作波音確定新飛機性能。

  5. now even the shity chinese airline and the african airline are flying the 747-8i.  cx is only flying the tiny toy like 777 and called it the hong kong spirit.  sounds more like a joke to me.

  6. now only the cargo will be able to enjoy the safety and comfort provided by this beautiful 747-8 freight.  without a380 or 747-8i cx's image has reduced to a tiny airline flying tiny plannes.  i dont love her as much as what i used to.  so disappointed.

  7. you are delighted to be the first Asia Pacific airline to take delivery of the Boeing 747-8 Freighters.  but all passengers are disappointed that u are not flying them with the 4 engines 747-8i.  instead u picked the small twin engine 777x.  flying with 2 engines always is not as safe as with 4 engines.  the passenger demand is there and per passenger cost 747-8i always is lower than other boeing's plane.  cx has made a very very very serious this time. 

  8. cathay pacific always is my favourite airline.  whenever i am flying home i will pick cx.  then i heard that cx has bought 747-8 freighter.  then i thought cx will be flying her passengers in the 747-8i very soon.  but i am so disappointed that they have chosen 777x instead.  such a decision clearly showing that cx cares lot more the safety of the cargo then passenger and that's why they dont pick the 747-8i to fly her passenger.  very very disappointed.  all other airlines have this ugly piggy a380 to attract the passenger.  but now cx has got nothing big and flying with 4 engines to impress and attract passengers.  hard to understand why cx will have picked 777x this tiny plane with 2 engines.  when comes to safety, flying with 4 engines and 18 wheels always is 10000000000000000000 time safer than flying with twin engine.  how can such a tiny plane is able to make a good impression showing her passenger that cx indeed is a great airline.  with all these tiny planes cathay pacific now is a tiny airline flying tiny planes.  all my friends are saying the same thing regarding such a poor decision made by cx.  all my friends are as disappointed as me.  seems the great cathay pacific is half gone by now. 

  9. I wish Cathay Pacific will buy any Boeing 747-8i for passengers in the nearly future. The pilots would have experience for the new 747-8i from the 747-8f and also from the older 747-400.

    I would be happy, if one of my favourite Airlines would buy one of my favourite Aircraft.

  10. I just checked on some flights from the Midwest to Munich Germany on Emirates. Just for fun I looked for 2 first class flights and they were $51,000 for 2 seats. And why do they fly to Dubai first. It's supposed to be non stop.. As a matter of fact it seems most flights go to Dubai first. What is going on ???

  11. I like the A380 but I could never forget the 747 🙂 Its just a amazing aircraft, its taken me all around the world my whole life! I would hate for the 747 to go away, I hope in the coming versions its still got the main design as the 747-400, and not just having 2 levels like the a380 :.)

  12. They have made alot of them, they are called 747-8i, only some companies have bought them like Lufthansa, nobody wants them for some reason?

  13. i really hope cathay decide to get the 747-8 passenger version! i mean the a380 is good, but you know i think 747 suit them better 😀

  14. Wow what a beautiful aircraft. We are flying the triple 7 from LA to HK soon but wish it was a 47 and especially the 800. Maybe someday, we can keep our heads in the clouds and dream.

  15. the awesome generation of new aircraft . the 747-8F (this plane) the 787 dreamliner and the mighty airbus A380, bring on the future 😀

  16. this is the first replay for this video i wana to thank myself and wish a good and better life to see this aircraft, god bless me

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