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On board the summer only, seasonal charter Corsair Boeing 747-400 which operates once weekly on behalf of Air France & Air Corsica during the summer season to take the extra capacity of passengers between the mainland and the French island of Corsica. The entire aircraft is an economy flight, so I chose to take a seat in the upstairs cabin in the first class seats which were no extra cost and it was my first time upstairs on an aircraft! The seating was fantastic, so much room and great entertainment system, could easily have sat up there for a long flight. The flight was about half an hour late departing Paris due to the long time it took to actually board all the passengers. The arrival in Ajaccio is stunning, a fantastic “Circle To Land” approach shows some beautiful views of the coast line and mountainous terrain across the island. But overall a fantastic flight on such a legendary aircraft.

Aircraft: Boeing 747-422
Seat: 08K
Engine Type: 4x PW PW4056
Date: Sunday 1st August 2014
Departure Time: 11:30
Arrival Time: 13:05
Flight number: AF4508
Departure Runway: RWY08
Arrival Runway: RWY20
Flight Duration: 1 hour 30mins (approx.)
Cruising Alt: 35,000ft (FL350)
Route: ORY-AJA

One thing I will add, is that although upstairs is a great experience, for filming and photography its not great because of the space between the bigger seats and the window and the tilted walls make for a difficult view of the wing.

This aircrafts first flight was on 23rd October 1992 and it was delivered to United Airlines with reg. N188UA on 4th December of the same year, making the aircraft older than me! Still classic and still going very strong! Incredible flight 🙂

*As always by Full Flight I mean the videos includes EVERY part of the flight from Boarding until Disembarkation! Not literally a 2 hour video of nothing. If you want that, you’re at the wrong channel.

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  1. To bad they don't have personal TV screen on the seats, but considering it was a short haul flight, it makes no sense…most of those flisght are charter anyway…

  2. you couldn't have asked for a better flight!  So you're over 21, eh?  I never hear your voice, so I wouldn't even know.  I used to live in France, and I miss it so much.  I spent 21 days in England, too, and I really enjoied the fact that I could hop aboard a train or Metro and practically go just about anywhere.  For a blind person, that's heaven, especially when you become a Guide Dog owner, because you really can go places you've never been.  With the proper directions or a pedestrian-access GPS, I can go so many places provided that you've got public transportation.  Here in America, unless you live in New York or Chicago, for the most part, it's so much more difficult.  It really stinks, because I can't afford to move.  If I could, I would in a heartbeat.  I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and it is not pedestrian friendly over here at all.  Taxi's cost weigh too much money, and there are hardly any sidewalks, so even the public buses are almost impossible to use.  So I have to rely on our public door to door service, or curb to curb.  It's twice the cost, and it's not that reliable.  If your flight is late, tough luck, because you have to call well ahead to let your driver know you're going to  be late.  Then, when they get there, they'll only wait 5 minutes and take off.  Nice now, isn't it?

  3. Hi !!!! Great video for this 747 friday flight.

    747 came to AJA/LKF. Corsair came with 747-300 and 330-200 & Air France 747-200 and 747-400.
    For history, 747 in AJA is a wish of Airport director ther a 20 older years.
    The last 747 has landed in 2009 with a 747-400 Air France.

    We had 2 747 all saturday summer over 10 years.

    The last 747-400 Air France came in 2009 Summer.
    This year, was a became of the King.

    Corsair came with 747 and 330 because the Director of Corsair was also a Director of holiday's center (Club Med). 747 allowed to bring in one once much people and liberate 737 Corsair flight on other destinations.

    Air France came with 747 simply because 747 replaces 3 A320. And  in summer, saturday is a big day in Corsica.

    AOM & Air Liberté came with DC-10 on same principle. One DC-10 Saturday replaces 3 MD-83 ;-).

    This year, Air Corsica, and only Air Corsica charter 747 Corsair Intl. Air France is codeshare with all flight to Air Corsica.
    Why friday this year for 747. It's just a decision of Airport Direction because that day, there are many fewer flights on Saturdays 😉

    For the Taxiway, is just weight question. Taxiway is not sufficiently reinforced for 747. AJA/LFKJ was built on marshy aera and next to the beach. 😉 Taxiway is unstable.

    Here's the story

  4. Hi, nice video! I fly this service next week. How did you get into the upper deck? I was told it was off limits/not for sale to passengers

  5. What a great filming. I enjoyed evry minute of this footage. The QOTS does the job very well. Wish Corsair will keep'em for a while before they go to retire.

  6. A twin engined jet for this journey would be just about right, and more productive IMO, the 747 is just overkill, and one of the shortest I've seen it make.  Nice video as ever though 🙂

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