Boeing 747-400 Kai-Tak Landing X-plane 10.25b 64-bit

Please view in 1080p HD

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Scenery: FlyTampa Kai-Tak for FSX and OSM
Aircraft: Default Boeing 747 with Korean Air livery


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  1. I am living in Hong Kong and would like to change the Fly Tampa Kai Tak to X-Plane 11 scenery. Woild you be so kind to inform me how to get the tutorial link to learn how to convert this.. Many thanks.

  2. hello nice conversion, would you please be able to send me this and the Tampa maartin in a drop-box or something please as i cannot convert
    ps i have bought both on fsx be fore i changed over to xplane 😀

  3. I am not able to work the FMC for the 744 for some reason. I know how to program it in the Airbus via your tutorial, but can you make a tutorial on the JRollon 747?

  4. how can I change the livery in the default B747? I have the livery downloaded but don't know the file where I have to copy it, thanks!

  5. No reverse thrust and speedbrakes as soon as you do the touchdown? :O
    Well even though some pilots prefer to not use reverse thrust just when touching down but a bit later, but don't speedbrakes come just when you touch ground? :O

    Very smooth landing anyways ^.^

  6. Hi there loving the scenery. i was wondering if you could send me this scenery as i am missing this one from my collection.


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