I visited Amsterdam Schiphol last monday, when a storm crossed the country and I was finally able to upload a “crosswind landings during a storm” video from another airport than Düsseldorf. It` s realy impressive to see how the skilled pilots dealed with crosswinds during the severe storm. It` s an amazing feeling when the massive Airbus 380 is touching down on the runway and the nose faces straight at your camera. the wind reached speeds up to 45 knots and after a few hours the runway had to be closed because too many pilots complained about the crosswinds. Thereafter they opened runway 22, the shortest runway at Amsterdam, and even Boeing 747` s landed on the “GAT – runway” (2200m) which is usually only used by small VIP planes.

Featured planes:
1.) Flybe Embrae ERJ-170
2.) KLM Boeing 787
3.) Emirates Airbus 380
4.) Transavia Boeing 737
5.) KLM Boeing 777
6.) Aeromexico Boeing 787
7.) Icelandair Boeing 767
8.) Cargolux Boeing 747-8F
9.) Arkia Boeing 757-300
10.) KLM Boeing 747
11.) Qatar Boeing 777F
12.) Lan Chile Cargo Boeing 777F
13.) Etihad Airbus 330
14.) KLM Boeing 747
15.) Flybe Dash 8Q-400
16.) KLM Embraer ERJ-170
17.) KLM Fokker 70
18.) Easyjet Airbus 320
19.) Vueling AIrbus 320
20.) TAP Airbus 320
21.) Singapore Cargo Boeing 747-400
22.) Tuifly NL Boeing 737
23.) KLM Boeing 777-300

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  1. I'd imagine that the landing gear, particular the wheels, must take a hell of a beating on landings like this because the ground is moving at an angle to the direction the wheels rotate in, so there will be a lot of skidding, is that right?

  2. Is this auto-pilot work or pure pilot-work? Or a combination of them? I have great, humble respect for pilots, but a little more for the engineers of an airplane.

  3. Excellent rudder use on the cargolux 747, the PIC can pilot my aircraft any time. The LAN 787 pilot is pretty damn good too.

  4. I would love to learn how to crab in a passenger jet. I have had limited experience flying a 2-4 seater spinner, but it was great. You have the feeling of not being in control but you really are in full control. The big boys are crabbing in 30+ mph crosswinds, in a light aircraft 15 mph will increase your heart rate.

  5. If this was dangerous, Schiphol shouldn't be an international airport anymore. When I was a kid, I used to call "stunt flying" what pilots call "aerobatics." I'm no pilot but I wouldn't call these landings dangerous. More like, difficult landings.

  6. NO AUDIO!!





  7. Sorry, none of the approaches or landings in these crosswind conditions are dangerous.


    The only thing you said correctly in your description was how superb pilots using their skills is what is shown. Keep using dramatic words for video titles that do not accurately describe what you are filming will hurt your credibility. This is the second one you've inaccurately titled. Not worth watching if you don't know what you're talking about….

  8. It's hard to fathom the thought of wind powered generators so close to an approach zone. In the u.s. we would have them located much further away from an airport. Possibly overkill, but still much different.

  9. @ 00:40 sec, the pilot made the right decision to go around, unlike the one @ 00:24 . Hard on the aircraft it seemed on that landing. I thought he should have aborted.

  10. As a professional airline pilot I can tell you the best way to land in a crosswind is to light up a big joint and then sort of play with the control column

  11. People belive in Rich.100%Fly .of cause
    please Respect Female or male pilots first Captian Dont give up people support around the world. good care and saftey..0

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