Recorded: August 2015
Origin: Atlanta, GA, USA
Destination: Honolulu, Oahu Island, Hawaii, USA
Flight: 837
Aircraft Reg #: N674US (First flight September 1999)
Seat: 11A – First Class
Flight Duration: 8:39
Camera: Sony RX-100M3

Photo of seat at end of video.


  1. I so remember the glory days of the 1970s when I flew for another airline. The first class meal on this video reminded me of the coach meal back in the day. First class meal had salad served from the cart…and prime rib cut to order from the cart.

  2. First class? Are you sure that isn't business class? Is there any difference? Have you ever flown first class on a ME3 airline?

  3. love planes and wanting to become a pilot when i grow up and hope to own a prop plane to fly my parents and brothers to florida

  4. I'm actually surprised to see a US airliner flys 747-400 never seen it before mainly European airlines that fly it

  5. Sorry, but the gang at this airport don't care to look at a couple of engines. The view is a lot better without staring at those engines for 20 min or longer.

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  9. This is so much memories when i flew delta airlines,im kinda sad,idk why,but few weeks ago i was on vacation on ALASKA Airlines,dang

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