Flying trip report on Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400 Flight DL172 Manila, Philippines to Narita, Japan.

The short 1,832 mile trip was flown in Economy Class on Decemeber 7, 2013. Personally, I’ve flown this trip on Delta a few times but this footage is from my wife and put together by me.

Planespotting Challenge: Located somewhere throughout this video, can you find the aircraft & airline that I filmed on it’s first flight at KPAE?


  1. I am a fan of your vids did u enjoy your delta flight? And were you happy that you and/or your wife saw that 787 aeromexico (i bet you did research on its first flight)

  2. No more DELTA for me. They damaged my suitcase beyond repair. I am fortunate that nothing was stolen. Whoever was responsible (most likely baggage handlers) let it fall from something and it busted the zippers AND small TSA locks I had on it. No, it wasn't the most sturdy of a bag but it would have been just fine had they handled it safely; plus no one owned up to it. The flight overall was fine but it only takes one issue like this to turn me away.

  3. Thank you for uploading this vlog were travelling this 28th of september with delta airlines.Manila-narita-new York

    Pls share your experienced with delta thx

  4. Thank you for the nice video. Can you shoot more of the interior next flight? Also, was this only Economy, or a Comfort Seat? Thanks!

  5. manila airport is one of the worst airports in the world.  manila is one of the worst cities in the world.  i have lived there for a while when i was a kid.  philippines is just another hellhole of the planet earth.

  6. The trick to getting an empty middle seat is to have one person on each side of the row and constantly talk to eachother until everybody is sitting down. If they see you talking they'll assume you're together.

  7. A this being repositioned to Narita or does Delta actually fly these between Manila and Tokyo? Seems like a waste of plane if they just fly between Tokyo and Manilla.

  8. Great video! I always love Delta 747 videos, but this is one of the best with interiors. 🙂 thank you for sharing your Delta flight here in YT. I would have to commend you as well as you didn't make it look like a travelog.

  9. I think Philippine Airlines should put also Tagalog subtitles (they did not have this) on their safety video just like what Delta did ( refer to 1:54 of this video)

  10. Wow! Phenomenal video man, awesome trip-report 😀 It was amazing! The editing was great 🙂 What a nice interior for DL 🙂

  11. Ok, now i know, the AeroMexico 787. :-). But maybe you have caught the JAL 787, parked on the right hand side of your wifes aircraft in Manila, also. ;-). Keep up your nice HD-work. Greetings from Denmark.

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