As of today you will no longer be able to fly a Boeing 747 on a US airline following Delta’s final Jumbo service yesterday! To celebrate this important event we’ve put together some Delta 747 footage for you.

Delta becomes the 15th US airline to stop flying the 747. The others are : American Airlines, Braniff, Continental, Eastern, Fedex, Flying Tiger, National, Northwest, PanAm, Tower Air, Transamerica, TWA and United.

You will still be able to see US 747 cargo airlines including Atlas Air, Centurion, Kalitta, National, Polar Air Cargo and UPS.


  1. To those who are sad about the 747 disappearing I would say this… there are over 450 747s still in service and the 747 will likely remain in operation for many decades to come so the news isn't all bad… Join us tomorrow for our final new Flight in the Cockpit release of the year, its a great one!

  2. I worked on this tail # 6304 many times back in the late 90's! I was a Detriot based Northwest Flight attendant and fly to Tokyo, Guam and back to Detroit on her many times! The flight form Detroit to Narita took 13 hours but, we took 4 hour sleep breaks in the secret crew bunks under the tail section. She was a workhorse for sure. So reliable and safe. Farewell queen of the skies.

  3. I will miss the Delta Boeing 747 Queen of the Skies! On August 2, 2014, I was at Detroit boarding my flight to San Diego and I saw one of the 747s bound for Seoul-Incheon. I will truly miss it but what’s even sad is that I’ve never flown on it! #farewell

  4. I was at DTW today and their was two delta 747 loading passengers so it maybe done in US but they are def still using them elsewhere

  5. I'm flying SFO to SYD in June 2018 and I'm taking Qantas just to get on the 747 one more time. Whenever I fly long haul, I always look for 747 service as my first option. I've been in love with this aircraft for over 40 years.

  6. I do work for Delta as Operations Agent and this is the best looking aircraft in my opinion.
    I’d like to work on one of these flights by unfortunately that’s not gonna be possible anymore, bruh.

  7. I don’t know the registration number but the one that flew that last DTW to ICN RT was ship 6310. No water salute because it was snowy and icy in Detroit.

  8. I still remember sitting in the cellphone lot at MSP on a cold day, waiting to see the first Delta repainted 747 land on runway 30L. Seems like only yesterday! Too bad they are being retired. The will surely be missed!

  9. I had the pleasure to fly on Delta B747-400 to Tokyo from Honolulu roundtrip in business class upstairs and forward cabin the nose section.

  10. British Airways, Lufthansa and KLM, all european, as you know, still have this wonderful american plane. It is curious that in less than a month, Delta and United, the only two big american companies that still had these planes, have removed them from service.

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