Our first stage of the Lion’s Claw Tactical Challenge was a Boeing 747 hostage rescue mission. I won’t be showing any other stage because they were pretty terrible. So terrible that during our last stage one OPFOR tried to fight Miguel.

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  1. You all need to learn tactical hand signals instead of all the talking. In a real situation you wouldn't last 5 minutes with all that jabbering. Also in that tight of CQB you all should have been using sidearms. Losing half your team. That was an absolute utter failure. If you ever do that again use stationary mounted camera instead of cameramen. A space that tight simply doesn't work with extra people in the way. That was really hard to watch.

  2. You guys really need to learn how to use your off shoulder, instead of your off hand… this also felt sluggish, but hey, I've never played Airsoft like this with a team like that, so. Go figure.

  3. Every time you yell at someone to give orders, it gives your position away. I was in the ARMY, and you never shout when you are in action. As soon as you open your mouth ,you are dead. I see you doing this a lot in all of you videos.

  4. I would get pissed at the fact there were people(camera guys/passenegers) in my way during that. Real life passenegers would either be told to get down and stay down or man handled to make them. I probably would have told the camera guys to sit in the seats not stand in the isles so it makes a cramped space even harder to navigate, from someone that has experience actually clearing structures.

  5. I love how people complain on the comment section " horrible execution " bitch this ain't easy try doing this and see how hard it is so STFU everyone

  6. This guys thinks he is actually so cool. He probably thinks he is some sort of army officer just because he sells fake weapons.

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