A civilian cargo aircraft crashed at Bagram Air Field near the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday, killing all seven people aboard. The plane came down shortly after take-off and crashed within the boundaries of the US-run airbase, a NATO spokesperson at the base said. The Taliban quickly claimed responsibility for the crash, but the coalition dismissed the claim as “false” in a statement to AP. The cause of the crash is being investigated by emergency crews, but no sign of insurgent activity in the area was spotted at the time, the statement added.


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  1. They definitely tried to nose down, but the center of gravity that was pulling the plane up prevented it, full trim wouldn't have helped either.

  2. Pilots in Afghanistan were told to pull up sharply at the end of the run way because the Taliban were start to use portable SAMs and RPG's. Crazy dangerous for them to be there.

  3. America is going under debt finanicially and casuality .
    what is there in afghanistan ?
    land of warlords , poppy fields, ethnic violence , medieval people , people who are unable to be civilized

  4. That's so sad. I can't even imagine what the people on that plane were thinking when they knew they were gonna die. Feel so bad for them.

  5. According to the official accident investigation, the plane was still controllable after the center of gravity changed from the cargo shift. After reexamining the evidence they discovered the Jack screw that controls the elevator was severed from its base by impact with the shifting cargo ( 12 ton armored vehicle). The crew could not recover from the CG shift because they had no elevator control – doomed.
    The sad part is why the cargo shifted in the first place. The loader followed company procedures to the letter, using enough 3500 pound straps to restrain 12 tons of cargo, or so he thought. The way the straps were attached meant only a few were carrying any load, and as soon as the plane rotated, the vehicle rolled back through the bulkhead and took out the elevator control. The loader did it by the book, but the book was written by a clueless, uncertified, private sector moron.
    Three cheers for the lowest bidder.

  6. Just watched a Mayday episode on this. Apparently a vehicle not strapped properly fell back and broke the jack screw. The pilot was then unable to control pitch because the elevator was not functioning and the plane stalled – very scary.

  7. whether or not they had enough altitude to save the aircraft the vehicle that broke free would have severed hydraulic lines 1 and 2 damaging the stabilizer and leaving the plane uncontrollable, they could have used differential thrust but the weight of the vehicle against the back of the plane would have kept it in the nose up position, condolenses to all aboard that flight and there familys

  8. The most horrifying 30 seconds of a flight crews life and the full knowledge that a violent death awaits them and no way to fly out of it. Those poor condemned souls. Any load handling crew still left behind must have felt so horrible after they were tempted to jump off the nearest bridge to join those pilots :'(

  9. As tragic as this is…Darwin Award for whoever was loading the cargo. It's utterly said that those NOT responsible are the ones who lose their lives.

  10. I'm watching an Air Crash Investigation episode of this right now, which feels wierd to me for some reason.

  11. The reason of this crash was because the 747, being as heavy it is, was carrying 3 military Jeeps. One of them weren't tied down properly and the straps broke and the Jeep pushed the other two to the back of the plane. That, and also some hydraulic problem in the rudder.

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