AERIAL. Just after a profitable entry on the Réunion – métropole line, French Blue aligned its very first Airbus A350 900 and shown large ambitions. Our island should be swiftly joined by other places in the reduced-value airline catalog.

French Blue succeeded his entry on the sector Reunion. With no ready for the very first Airbus A350 the reduced-value enterprise Dubreuil realized inside a number of weeks incredible performances on the axis Paris – Reunion : 5,524 travellers, 5% sector share among 16 and 30 June, twenty,974 travellers and 15% sector share in July.

“The figures are in line with what we declared and even a minor superior,” stated Marc Rochet, CEO of French Blue. “In a sector where by you introduce offer, some price drop and convenience, the sector follows. August is envisioned to be in the very same pattern as in July, but growth is a truth, with growth on the Reunion – Metropolitan line and other places as well. “If we had arrived a year previously we would have designed the very same influence.”
French Blue CEO is aware of getting shaken the sector. “Air Austral and Air France do not get also terribly, but Corsair does not have the appropriate resources, the fewer well-positioned pay more, and we are not on your own in getting the monopoly of the most present day plane Air Austral commenced to set foot in modernization with the introduction of the Boeing 787 which is an plane equivalent to the A350 but it is very clear that the Boeing 747 requires a shot of old. “

superior commitments by November

Now that we are out of the peak time period produced by the school holiday seasons, Marc Rochet reassures. “We have superior commitments for the minute on September, Oct and November, and they are even somewhat bigger than we considered, we at the moment have an occupancy price of 80% The A330s are confined on Reunion Island Since we can not run at entire load, and the occupancy price should be superior from September onwards with the A330 A350 combination. “
Now with an Airbus A330 and an A350, ready for a 2nd A350 900 In April 2018, French Blue feels wings. “When we have the two A350s, they will go over all 8 weekly frequencies, and we&#39ll see if we can increase more A330s.”
New places could be unveiled by the finish of September at Top rated Resa . “We do not bother Air Austral on its regional targeted traffic, it is its experience, its know-how, its sector base but, in the metropolis, the very best wins. Our share of the sector When Air Caraïbes opened the Caribbean, Corsair was four instances more substantial than us, and currently we are one and a half instances more substantial than Corsair, but I do not subscribe to the word “butcher”. In the troughs, there will be anything that will come about on charges, and there will be sector response, and if you reduce charges in the troughs you encourage the sector. Can not hold out. “We, we have in retail outlet symbolic charges.”

But our island will not stay the only desired destination in French Blue&#39s catalog. “We look at every little thing, Mauritius where by we reactivate the negotiations and we could open in 2018, the Seychelles,” confirms Marc Rochet. “It&#39s not only La Réunion that is undertaking well, there are loads of substantial-growth roads, there is a superior growth in the West Indies, and the North Atlantic is not poor at the price of a serious drop “

It&#39s a superior thought to have a airplane,

Alain Dupuis

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