Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 comes into land at Gatwick airport, with the wing undercarriage stuck up and a hydraulic fault.

Latest Gossip.

1: The undercarriage hydraulic ram was fitted upside down causing the fault.
2: The pilot is called Dave William.
3: The daughter of the pilot was onboard.
4: Pilot bounced the aircraft to drop the undercarriage.
5: The WLG door snagged on one of the undercarriage wheels.
6: Nine Tyre safety fuses blew on landing.
7: The passengers weren’t allowed to use the toilets for 3hrs, while the pilot carried out maneuvers to dislodge the undercarriage.


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  3. Credit to the pilot, he landed a plane that just wasn't in the right shape cause with wings in that way definitely the plane would had been kinda difficult to ride considering he should have adjusted to the wings, it's something like you are tilting on one side of a bike just to balance on another, and since we are talking about plane we know that it's not even possible to assess the plane cause it's ridiculous comparison to a bike, so brilliant landing by this pilot, it's gotta go down as one of the best landings ever, perhaps his daughter being on the plane determined him to land it perfectly as well.

  4. hard landing or not, the bill for a few tires and repair landing gear is far less than repair/replaced one possibility two engines

  5. nice flying,nice landing but typical of our British authorities.send everything with a flashing lights,shut airport down,declare UK equivalent of defcon 4 and drag the whole incident out for as long as possible so health and safety knob heads can go in and make sure that the grass besides the runway doesn't have any loose blades that could be sucked into engine.nice landing though with no wing/engine scraping.

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