Airlines: EVA Airways (EVA/BR)
Flight: BR892
Origin: Hong Kong (HKG/VHHH)
Destination: Taipei Taoyuan (TPE/RCTP)
Date: 2017/08
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Registration: B-16411
Class: Business Class
Seat No: 13C
Lounge: N/A
Starring: Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma
Camera: Sony Alpha7s, Canon G3x, iPhone 6 Plus, GoPro Hero5 Black


  1. One final note. I'm not normally impressed with music during these flight videos, but it's so appropriate here. Could you please tell us what this music is, and is there anyway the recording might still be available?

  2. The first and only time I flew in the B747 was when I went to France on July 4th, 1974 in the Air France Boeing 747 Classic. That was a fantastic airplane, and I miss that. I wanted to fly in this one, but alas, I wasn't quite as fortunate. I don't hear nearly enough about the Boeing 747-800, which is a shame, because it sounds more like the Airbus a380. From what I've been told, the A380 carries more passengers and crew, but I believe that depends on the airline's specific seating requirements. I love this music, and I can almost hear a twinge of sadness in the stewardess's voice. Yeah, it makes me sad, too. You've done a great job making this lovely video! There's one little spot when they're reading the safety information where the sound keeps cutting out for about half a second and cutting on and finally, the audio volume reduces to about half the volume. Otherwise, again, this is a fabulous video, and I really like it. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with so many people.

    PS: I flew back to the U.S.A. in the Boeing 707 on July 4th, 1976, the 200th anniversary of our nation's independence from the British empire.

  3. I've flown on this aircraft with this Captain on it's PVG-TPE route in 2015. What a calm professional British voice for a Taiwan carrier 🙂

  4. This video literally made me cry, I and old enough to have seen the Queen come into service as a young boy to seeing her decommissioned and retired all over the world, I work in aviation and I understand that change is the way of the industry, but it really hurts to see these majestic ladies go away, well done presentation of this event, thank you 🙂

  5. At least now I can fly EVA Business Class from Vancouver without having to go through LAX, SFO, SEA or JFK just to get the newer seats. I previously avoided the EVA flight to/from Vancouver due to the old business class.

  6. very nice! it only happend 2 days ago and you made a video or us! I like it when the safety video is played in your video, suddenly felt like I'm onboard!

    thanks Mr. FlyRilakkuma!

  7. Such a beautiful video!!! It is so sad and depressing to see another operator retire the pax 747….pretty soon they will all be gone :(. Thank you for taking this flight and sharing the memories with others who couldn't be there. Keep up the good work!

  8. Two things amazed me 1. Condition of the window on this 19.4 years old retiring Jumbo, compare to my recent ride ob a 10 years old A333 to Haneda with window all scratched up. 2. How steady through out the whole video, you must have your GoPro crazy glued on the window :-). Very informative , well done.

  9. I was on that flight as well.  Thank you for posting this excellent video which captures all aspects of the flight!  Coupled with the music and the memory associated with the 747-45Es, it certainly makes you a little emotional..

  10. I had sort of guess that you might have been on this flight . Excellent overview of the trip and thanks for posting, The 747 with EVA will be missed. Nice to see the water canons at the end giving her a clean.

  11. I'm gonna miss this flight alots, so much memories, now B747 retired, they gonna do B777-300ER now?, they only have 4 types of airplanes now, order A350?

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