so this 747 of silkway made an very hard landing due to windshear which caused the aircraft to suddently dive down. the aircraft came down with a big hit. the airplane almost crashed and if it came down a little earlier it had crashed in front of the runway. this was not the fault of the pilot but it was the fault of the very strong winds that were blowing that day!

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  1. The flaps shook on touchdown. I saw worse when the A320 I was on had the flaps split on the end during final approach. Nobody noticed.

  2. il y a des compagnies aeriennes qui ont des pilotes amateurs qui te bousillent les trains d'atterissage des avions de lignes, bon nombres devraient retourner au simulateur avant que l'accident ne survienne

  3. Yep, you are still inside a thin metal tube, a little wind and it is over.
    Good thing these planes are so sturdy, it bounced all over the place.
    Great catch!

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