Hello all, and thank you so much for watching this week’s special video.

We at PlanesWeekly are very fascinated about KLM and indeed their 747’s. We’ve had the awesome opportunity to be able to fly on the KLM 747 a couple of times this year. Today you see something even more special as today, Friday October 28th, will be the last day the iconic KLM 747 is operating to and from St. Maarten. We were so lucky to be able to not just see the 747 there, but also fly back on it back to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
In this video you see the beautiful “Jumbo Jet” pushback, taxi and takeoff followed by a sharp right turn to clear the mountain at the very end of the runway.
This was shot on October 16th making it the 6th last KLM Boeing 747 takeoff from St. Maarten. We believe that this is valuable footage to share as this is not likely to happen again anytime soon.
We would like to thank KLM and the nice crew they always have on board for some truly amazing experiences with them on their 747 and any other aircraft.

We really hope that you enjoy the video, and as always stay tuned for a new video coming up every week!

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  1. totally dumb esp the slow build up, background talking. view of wing, and not a fast take off and immediate right turn. dumb. also fugly plane

  2. Is it bad that I only subscribed so you wouldn't have 6,666 subs? XD

    Still, love the content, even though I'm absolutely horrified of flying

  3. Nice video and amazing channel. I just subscribed. I am a retired 747 pilot. You can check out some of my 747 videos at

    I flew the B-747-400 at KLM

  4. This happened to me once flying out of Midland Texas, as soon as we were airborne the pilot hooked a hard right banking turn. Scared me as I was pretty sure we were in a death dive, turns out it was standard procedure for them when the winds is from the West.

  5. What a beautiful plane. Good camera work. This video is especially relevant since KLM does not use the 747 into St Maarten any longer.

  6. Amazing! You could almost feel the plane tilt backwards when the pilot released the brakes and that must have been one of the fastest 747 takeoffs ever they did that when i flew with Thomas cook a330-200 From phuket to helsinki but still Amazing video keep up the good work huge like for me 🙂

  7. great video, this would be my worst nightmare, taking off and doing and instant turn at that angle. Anyone notice the pilots waving to the people on the beach?

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