A few weeks ago I visited SXM again and I was able to film the Boeing 747 of KLM. The 747 was one of the most interesting tourist attractions at the most famous airport in the world. KLM operated this route with a 747 for a very long time but now they decided to downgrade “KLM785” to an A330. It was an impressive sight and I will miss watching this massive plane flying low above the crowded beach of St. Maarten.

Thanks for watching, see you next week.

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  1. Well the KLM's B744 is always pressurized during short runway landings and takeoff so it's better to use it to medium-long runways

  2. +Cargospotter
    That was truly marvelous, man!
    Now, with those many, exciting angles – including that fab zoom out at the precise moment – you just exceeded your already high standards.

  3. First they retired the last MD-11 and replace it by an A330 and now KLM replace the 747 by an shit a330 again.
    This Plane is the most boring aircraft of this Planet.
    That is really sad. RIP KL785 🙁
    I hope that the Jumbo still fly for a long time of other Routes.

  4. thanks for sharing your encounter/amazing experience with the queen of the skies at the beautiful beach of ST. Maarten.

  5. That was one crazy short take off also I hate the fact that all KLM and corsair B747-400 service to St Maarten airport are gone

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