Lufthansa decided to renew its corporate identiy. What do you think? Do you prefer the old Lufthansa livery or the new one?

The Boeing 747 made a promotion tour through germany yesterday and also visited my “home” airport Düsseldorf. Of course I filmed it. At first I didn` t like the new livery but when I saw it live I changed my opinion. The old livery will be missed but the new corporate identity looks fresh and I am pretty sure even the people who don` t like it now will probably accept it after seeing it live.

Good luck with the new corporate identity.


  1. The classic Lufthansa livery is timeless. This is a prime example of "Don´t change it if it isn´t broken". Absolutely boring, bland, unimaginative, dumbed-down…

  2. Old.The Airplane is beautiful, but it looks as though somebody painted the tail and forgot the rest. BLAH! What was Lufthansa thinking?

  3. Great to see the 747 flying!
    Too bad the U.S. doesn't have any in it's airline fleet anymore.
    Yes, I understand the economics of flying these vs modern twin engines.
    But Damn! The 747 is one sexy bird!

  4. Completely bland and unappealing. The single colour really looks like a cost cutting exercise. There are a lot of talented designers out there that could, and have, come up with more appealing designs.

  5. As much as I liked the old one… Lufthansa needed this. They are now a modern airline with a modern paint. It looks sleek, like you want to fly on it.

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