First flight and at the same time acceptance of the Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 from Adi Pitz


  1. This is the most amazing and beautiful RC aircraft I have ever seen! The detail is extraordinary, such a majestic machine. Great work on this beautiful airplane and thank you for sharing this great video. Also, what a sweet landing! Respect from Colorado USA.

  2. Awesome model. Loved the takeoff and landing. But I couldn't watch the flight due to the camera shake. You really should consider getting a monopod or tripod. Thanks for posting in any case. Super cool model!

  3. What a beautiful aircraft, and some mad skills on the sticks. I can only imagine how your nerves must be on end while flying her. I would LOVE the opportunity to fly her.

  4. gratulation zu diesem höchst erfolgreichem jungfernflug! ein traumhaftes modell habt ihr gebaut! das nächste mal allerdings vielleicht mit stativ filmen 😉

  5. Maidens were absolutely wonderful! Rock steady with no surprises! Smiles all around for your design and choices made with the hope they were proper through the many steps to arrive at this point! While some laugh at camera work, they fail to appreciate your accomplishment due to no small amount of blood, sweat, & tears ;^) We hope to achieve the same result with a pair of 1:8.7669 Boeing B-47 Flite-Metal© Poster Children before the first of the year. As for the camera work, next time attach a monopod to the camera.

  6. That was really amazing to watch. You did a fantastic job building it and flying it. Bravo! Super impressed. Looked like a real jet!

  7. If I was the cameraman on that day under the circumstances I think excitement would overtake the zoom filming as it was the first flight. Take off landing and taxiing were excellent. Well done too the crew amazing aircraft.

  8. Truly amazing accomplishment! Magnificent, and congratulations. I bet Sir Richard would love to see this in person!

  9. Awesome plane and excellent skills in flying it. At 131lbs what size engines did you use? I would speculate you need at least 75lbs of thrust between all four if not 100lbs.

  10. Now that is one scale looking plane and the pilot really had it together on it's maiden flight,i bet his hands were a little wet though.

    Great stuff = thumbs up.

  11. I apologise as I'm not one to often comment on the negative, however Jógvan has a point. Your post has a machine with countless hours spent on making it what it is. If you share it with the public then it might be best to have someone who can at the very least keep up with what you are tryin to do. It is painful to watch.
    Your machine is spectacular.

  12. na dann werde ich mal einige top videos von dem treffen machen… unterkunft ist gebucht… freue mich schon auf dieses einzigartige meeting…

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